Again I am drawn to the closest connection…

Again I am drawn to the closest connection we have to reality, the metaphor, the metaphor that is everything we experience, the metaphor as the image-bridge between our individual experience of the world, the mindscape between experience and awareness.

I’ve explored this at depths in other essays and in other ways, but it calls back to me.

And now a thought ago, while reading about quantum entanglement, of which I’m mostly ignorant, the sharp sight of switching ignorant unknowns with ignorant unknowns shown as phrases of physics in this case, trick us into believing we know something more about what we don’t.

What strange game we put upon ourselves, a blackhole to drop into, to see the light.

The technology as far as I see will…

The technology as far as I see will miss if it misses the fundamental truth of entertainment, it’s there to keep people company, to keep them from feeling alone, but also giving them something to share with others.

It gives them something to speak about; it gives them something to cuddle up to and share an experience with; it creates connection and a reason or excuse to sit down with your wife or husband or date or friends.

One of the reasons I write one of the reasons…

One of the reasons I write, one of the reasons why I love particular writers, lives within this quote below.

It’s a masterful twist for students to allow themselves to summarize the thoughts of other thinkers, teachers, etc. who’ve put time into the contemplation of a particular idea and exploration.

“Dr. Vater Richard Marius the director of writing at Harvard used to say, ‘encourage your students not so much to be, you know, original thinkers, but to find their thinking in the thinking of others’.”

10 Rules For Studying for learning and for…

10 Rules For Studying, for learning and for teaching…

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the ability to learn, and thus teach.
In all truth, this is the path to freedom and sovereignty, the path to be able to clearly and lucidly think for yourself as best as you can.

There’s this deep mystery that calls to me…

There’s this deep mystery that calls to me still, the exploration of lucid dreaming and the potential benefits of using the dreamscape to take over the power of the mind.

We’re talking dream yoga, placebo effect, the psychology of possibility and an exploration of William James’s, “Radical Empiricism” of being, radical experience as I like to say.

It’s stunning that more research has not been placed upon this particular topic.

You are here to be that, to be an explorer of the realms that interest you, that call you, that speak you as you are.

The inklings of the mysteries, the echo.