Assign A Design For A Time: This is what we do better than anyone else.

We design environments to turn the body and mind into the very thing you want it to be.

The science is finally coming on board with what everyone already has experienced, that your environments create you.

Some will create their environments to design themselves, others, just don’t think about it. Some question it but then continue to live as if they didn’t know anything else.

There’s no judgment to any of it, because truthfully, no one can say 100% that it should be this or that, lived any other way.

But we have different desires for ourselves, for the world with which we live in.

And that is a wonderful world that fulfills peoples desires and potentials as they desire.

This is not about creating a Utopia.

This is not about controlling others, in fact it’s the opposite. It’s about freeing the consenting individual to do what they feel, think, and understand as best for themselves.

This, is also what we do everyday already, with our buildings, roads, entertainment, foods, etc..

It doesn’t stop; it always continues on; we are by our nature designers of environments.

We take a proactive, creative approach to this truth.

We are completely obsessed with the idea, the creation, and the follow through of making our world a wonderful place according to the individual’s desires. 

We’ve created a system that assists us in designing and creating the world that you want for yourself, so to learn, teach, rejuvenate, heal, or thrive.

It started with my Contemplative Urban Sanctuaries, a multilevel building creating the most thought inducing and reducing environments, to free and liberate the individual, which will free the entire populace

“Werner Erhard, Somethings you can only learn by creating them, which he shared with Richard Feynman.” And which Feynman kept posted before his mind.

Create a vision and then birth into the physical, Create & Articulate. It’s a practice in visualization.

Wolfgang Pauli comments, “I think the important and extremely difficult task of our time is to try to build up a fresh idea of reality.”

We do these type of things here at Lucid Mindset.

We create rooms for the individual and entire cities and towns for the collective.

We stay with the idea of you and your space, your individual experience of being in a place.

We are going where everyone doesn’t yet realize they are going, and we will be there before everyone else, because we are the Future Now.

We ask questions that reconstruct our questions and imagination, to ask the questions we don’t know to ask, and to create and imagine the ideas and creations we don’t know how to imagine.

That’s our work.

It’s what we do.

A new addition to my madness… VagCon™

Hello my love,

There’s a strange wonder falling into my life right now.

Well, that’s almost a truth.

I’ve been giving birth.

There are words and mysteries, turnings of the undercover love, that I want to share with you.

We’ve been stirring the mind with madness of a kind, a truth of beauty.

It’s the latest project of mine.

And I’m excited to let you know that I’ve brought on and have invited many others to come along this journey.

It’s Vagina Consciousness and it’s starting to turn on and turn into new varieties of existence.

We are art and art lives our breath.

The beauty of existence still turns minds fast and wonderfully done.

You know I love art and artist and weird strange wonderful colors of existence.

And so, as I promised, I share openly with you, what I’m up to.

This I’m enthused to share.

It’s and it’s Vagina Consciousness.

We are connecting artist with artist, and artist with entrepreneurs and all of them with you.

It’s a blatant holler of appreciation for the vagina.

It’s a celebration of life, the one thing we all have in common.

We share this if nothing else.

And it must be celebrated and adored as it is.

Even amongst the funkiness that is life!

Love and hugs,
Emeric Damian


It’s a wild way we exist, the games we play, the curiosities we turn.


This could shift humanity in a heartbeat if we can figure it out…

When we shift the way human’s perceive self preservation, I believe they will naturally change the way they live based off of their explicit motivations, motivations and fears they are taught or learn.

If you are safe, fed, and know there is a place for you in the world, more often than not, I believe you will begin to express a different potential.

The greed, the wars, the mass manipulations will shift and change.

I’m in the beginning mode of contemplating this…

But you already know that fear of being alive causes problems beyond our desires, as well as fear of dying due to inability to feed, clothe, and provide shelter and freedom from violence from without.

What can be controlled can be controlled, what can’t, can be designed for in its way.

You know what isn’t being spoken of is the words that are used to describe what’s being said.

I’m often listening to what people are saying and what they are not saying, listening for the silence and the mystery, and more importantly for the missing perspective.

Listen for example to this video, and yes, do realize it’s being spoken in a particular context; nevertheless it matters because there are always missing pieces from these technological ideas.

Also, I want to acknowledge that my questioning of these ideas is in service to the ideas themselves.