What does it really mean to impact the…

What does it really mean to impact the world, to have an effect?

I must admit, it drives me crazy listening to all these people talk about new technologies, new theories, new blah blah blah…

They are missing the contemplation.

It is eating at me and I must answer this, “what does it mean to impact the world?” and that is a naive question, I know, because there are missing components to it, such as positive and negative, whose world, and for what…

It goes on.

And this is what I mean by asking the question.

It’s driven me mad for as long as I can remember, listening to people talk about progress, and such an ignorant form of progress they spoke of.

Progress for who…

Ah that’s a sour question isn’t it.

If we can’t look at this basic contemplation, which we can’t, because if we do, we’re labeled as ludites, as negative people, as pessimist the lepers of our time, when in fact what’s really going on is we are saying your are deluded and off track, and your ideas and efforts are for naught and here is why, which you hate.

Which we understand.


It goes on, but the truth is the truth and you are living in a delusion.

No one wants to wake up.

It’s too costly on the front of it, to acknowledge what is so.

That’s the trouble isn’t it.


You are silly.

Ignorance is what it is and it’s your drug, so enjoy it while you are on it, and I will smile at you too, because your delusion spins joy for all.

Emeric Damian

Can’t we use the technology to improve our…

Can’t we use the technology to improve our hearing, our eyes, our minds?

Why is it that it’s acceptable to us to destroy our vision, go def, and lose our ability to move because of our addiction to technology.

What if using a computer made your eyesight better?

What if listening to music or podcasts or movies improved your hearing?

What if all of this relaxed your muscles in your face, reduced tension, and created a healthy state of flow?

What would we have then?

This is what I mean by saying our environments can build us as we build them, one aspect of my idea to create ourselves.

But this is basic.

It’s a kin to clean water, clean food, fresh air, etc..

We should build for well being, not our destruction.

Why is it that I enjoy movies boxing…

Why is it that I enjoy movies, boxing, and beauty, the sunsets over the forest, over the ocean, the burning light of a rising sun, the terror of time moving through a day?

What of this…

It’s been a mix up for me to see who and what I’m doing.

It would be crazy if your bacteria could…

It would be crazy if your bacteria could be made more youthful and thus change transform the rest of the human.

It seems simple enough, if trillions of cells within us are bacteria, and these bacteria compose us, and their life span is very short and can turn over quickly, and we can take another’s bacteria and turn it over, into youthful bacteria what is expressed then?

How does it actually work?

How is it truly expressed?

My mind doing the work, biome doing the work, the cells, the energy, the frequency? Tell me more.