Don’t Listen To Them Without Listening…

Everyone has an opinion.

Podcasts, blogs, videos, books, and access to a billion minds floating lost in the world…

These minds open and desperate to find a key to their challenges, these minds, listening to people speak as if the voice they hear are some how knowing.

And these voices that are speaking lack the humility or awareness to know what they don’t know.

And so they speak with a confidence that is false and faltering.

But to listen is to discover.

It’s in their language, the words they use to describe what they profess to know.

Listening is an art, a skill, an ability that if practiced and played with, will reveal the voices that lie.

I’m not talking about the news media, the movies, or the mainstream.

I’m talking about the people who have easy access to tools to spread their words, words not messages, words that in one context create a pretend authority and expertise, a knowing which isn’t true.

In other words people lie and they lie knowingly and they lie unconsciously.

And they do it all of the time.

You must listen.


Listen well…

And then listen some more…

And again, don’t listen to me, listen to your own experience to know if it is so.

And if you “Think” than you don’t know. ( I think… )

Time, Identity, Stories of Reification…

Quick summary…

The story reifies a reality, not reality, but a reality…

You can create a reality based off of your story, based off of your telling, the telling of your goals, the telling of your vision, the telling of truth.

And that requires you to go into your exploration of identity, of the identity you are wearing, and and identity that can be chosen.

As I said it connects back to reifying your concpetions of who and what you think you are.


Now we are moving onto time, which doesn’t exist, even though it does and in this way it is a key component of Story, of Reification, of Identity…

Some Questions To Ask?

Can we tell ourselves a different story of time that recreates reality?

How can you use story telling as a way to reinvent reality?

But for me, I’m talking about creating reality and life in the beautiful impossible.

I saw it and tasted it again earlier this afternoon. I’m always tasting.

To be continued…


This could shift humanity in a heartbeat if we can figure it out…

When we shift the way human’s perceive self preservation, I believe they will naturally change the way they live based off of their explicit motivations, motivations and fears they are taught or learn.

If you are safe, fed, and know there is a place for you in the world, more often than not, I believe you will begin to express a different potential.

The greed, the wars, the mass manipulations will shift and change.

I’m in the beginning mode of contemplating this…

But you already know that fear of being alive causes problems beyond our desires, as well as fear of dying due to inability to feed, clothe, and provide shelter and freedom from violence from without.

What can be controlled can be controlled, what can’t, can be designed for in its way.

You know what isn’t being spoken of is the words that are used to describe what’s being said.

I’m often listening to what people are saying and what they are not saying, listening for the silence and the mystery, and more importantly for the missing perspective.

Listen for example to this video, and yes, do realize it’s being spoken in a particular context; nevertheless it matters because there are always missing pieces from these technological ideas.

Also, I want to acknowledge that my questioning of these ideas is in service to the ideas themselves.



Flow States: Is the excitement misplaced, a conversation to go beyond our assumptions.

On Flow:

‘Finding flow’ a meme that’s been ingested and taken to express the generic state of a sensation that’s beyond the meme itself.

This expression of flow is being twisted and used in ways that are both exciting and misguiding.

Exciting, because human potential and process of growing a human creature as an experiment we are taking on ourselves, as consenting adults, gives us one more cave of the unknown to explore.

Misguiding, because it is being lauded as something that it isn’t, the ultimate path to human awakening.

I’m pulling apart the ideas, teasing them apart from the knot that they are, to grasp the potential for what it might be.

But I have a bias that I need to put out in front of everything I share here, and I’m doing it in the form of a question, “Why do we not understand, experientially, that flow states are just on more phenomena passing before us, neither better nor worse than any other, even though it potentially may be worse in the level of attachment it instigates in all who seek it?”

My bias, is that it’s ultimately a chase of what’s impermanent, and in a true sense can only lead to additional suffering.

That’s not a complete statement, as much as it’s a warning sign, that like psychedelics it’s probably best to be acknowledged as a tool for greater understanding of what it means to be alive, to know what life actually is.

But it’s not the thing itself.

Flow is one state amongst many.

What is flow actually?

That question is beginning to look a lot like, “What does it mean to awaken?” A question I address often. (you can read more here)

In some sense it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a word.

Fantastic, because we already know that. But it’s important to see that it is a word and a word alone, as the experiences we have do not exist as a single thing, but rather as fleeting moment to moment, moments. And none of them are every the same.

Never. Never are they the same, just as the tree you see isn’t the tree you saw a moment before, and even more so not the tree around the corner from the tree.

Is this apparent stupidity to converse as such idiotic or needed?

Clearly it matters to me and probably to you as well since you are reading this.

We know what flow has been defined as.

But does that matter anymore?

Is the question now one of access?

Is the question one of use?

If we acknowledge the breakthroughs that might be delivered to us by way of this bridge, then might we want to ask the question, why do I want to have this breakthrough?

Why does it matter to me to live more in flow?

What do I wish to gain from it and what do I believe it will bring to me once I do?


Maybe I am simply an explorer of the states of experience and this is one of my favorite states to dance within.

On Questions:

What of finding flow within the dream? What of living in flow in a lucid dream?

Dream yoga, exists around this concept, doesn’t it. But it’s beyond that because it is all of it.

We are spinning a web of a most intriguing kind.

On Metaphors:

Indra’s Net, you are a jewel and the intersection of an infinite we and each jewel is composed of the reflections of the jewels near it.

Welcome to the field!

Now we’re asking a question that intrigues me, can we become different jewels by transferring our awareness to another intersection of the web?

Shine and glow, your illuminance becomes a function of your awareness, and when you shine and glow those near you begin to reflect the very light you are.


Flow now becomes a reflection of an inner state.

Flow = a metaphor of being turned on.

Water, wind, and emptiness… Movement, flow…

All the ways we work a word over and over to express our conceptions of reality… Flow…


We all enjoy altered states of consciousness.

We seek them out from the beginning of our existence. As children we spun ourselves silly. As adults we do the same, but with different ingredients of many kinds.

My entire life has been dedicated to the exploration of altered states, literally.

If you follow my work, it always revolves around experiencing more of the experience of life itself.

That is why I’m writing these words, to continue going beyond my current understanding of life itself.

I am curious.

And that curiosity and desire to experience all of it, drives me.

You walk the path until it becomes you and then you are it.

On Lucid Dreaming & Flow States:

The enchantment and the questions continue to arise for me.

Lucid dreaming lives in ways that deserve more time and exploration, with a potential to go beyond the depths of our waking states, we have the chance to know even more of what our minds our capable of.

There are many questions to ask, and I’m simply hinting at what I am curious about, in this post.

Further exploration of all of these ideas will be required.

To continue as I do, the unfolding potential…

Further exploration of my desiring mind’s desire to understand…

Can we build something that will naturally force us to ask the question we don’t yet know to ask?

In our incessant curiosity, in our searching for answers to questions that we’ve formed incomplete ideas and conceptions around, ideas that are sold to us as if they’ve been answered, might we be able to actually create in a way that helps us form a better question about the nature of the ‘thing’ we are trying to better understand?

Give yourself an example if you are searching for an example.