Slipping Into The Reverie Of Mystery…

Sleep dot-dot.

Sleep dot-dot.

Sleep the wonderland of ever unfolding mysteries.

I look Into the depths of a dreamscape and the dreams look back at me, as myself but not me.

How I love to dream, how I love to sleep, how sleep loves me.

I am almost now able to stay awake as I fall asleep. A minute in and I hear myself breathing deeply.

And then amnesia comes again…


With Love and Focused Attention…

The story of a mind scattered with distrust of its self…


The recovery of the wonderful, of the sacred unknown that is the moment, a mindfully chosen path, where each breath is a breath creating peace of mind.


You, the mythical being that can never fully be known, how are you living your mind, body, and being?

The rooster crows at confused hours and we take to believing he knows what time it is for you.

The creator of your scenario…

You are the guru; one thing attended to, with love and intention, and you are free.

Stay tuned,

Emeric Damian

A Simple Truth…

It’s so good to have you here, to be able to share in the wonder of life.

I really do appreciate your unique way of being.

And that is why I want to share an idea with you that may have a profound impact on your life.

…use it

When you find yourself in a moment of muck, a moment of feeling uncertain and confused, or when you are in wonder and excitement.

This one beautiful idea can get you moving.

It’s life changing when applied, when used, and I promise you it will open up the possibilities of creating your dream life?

You will be in a place of power.

This simple statement may be the very thing that shifts your energy.

And it is this…

“Let the experience be the learning and the action the reward.”

…that my dear friend is key…

It’s the difference between reading about something and doing the thing.

It’s the difference between wisdom and just stuffing your brain with more information.

It is the key to getting everything you want in a world that doesn’t want you to.

…and when anything get’s in your way, you can simply say it out loud and watch your energy shift!

To creating miracles as you are one, 
Emeric Damian

Can You Really Get Everything You Want In A World That Doesn’t Want You To?

They question it…

They question the idea that you can have everything you want in the world.

They are skeptical, and they should be, because who makes an offer like this that isn’t either lying or being insincere?

I do.

And how can I do that?

You are either one of two people…

You are the person that believes a life going after what you want, having fun doing it, even if there are frustrations involved, is a life infinitely more interesting and worth living than the person who is dull to the world and has settled for what others say they can have.

Which reality do you choose to live?

You better have said the life of excitement and creation, otherwise I’d have to wonder while you are here with me now.

But let’s dig into this a bit more, the idea of wanting is a fabulous human drive, because we want and then we want more and thus we are in a world of contiual curiostiy and new experiences.

Life never has a moment to be dull and uninteresting.

On the flip side, some people only seem to live a life of dull and uninteresting experiences.

Not you…

You get what you want and then when you want something more, you go after the experience too.

And if you don’t want anything at some point than that’s beautiful too, because even that is a want worth wanting!

Life is a game to be played and enjoyed, but some of us play a lot more than others.

The Power of Win Win Win…

From The Depths
Emeric’s Brain
4th of June 2018
Sintra, Portugal

You can cheer everyone else on or you could choose to take advantage of other’s suffering.

You can be the inspiration of wonder or the drain of other’s energy.

The better way…

The better way to maintain a constant state of flow and energy lives in the winning mindset while wanting others to win as well. Even if that means beating your competitor in the game of business, or on the field of sports.

It’s an infinite cycle, an energetic geyser of wonder, the winning mindset.

Your joy gives joy.

Your success brings success and on and on and on.

It’s a game, life.

…metaphors to explore life as it is…

Who can you help win today?

Time your time…

Check out my radio station on Anchor and help me climb to the top of the charts!

Part of the journey of the exploration in the process of creation has to do to a great extent with time itself.

What is being shared here just the possibility to reconstruct reality as you desire it.

What of time?

What is possible when you reconstruct time to work in your favor as opposed to appear to work as a stress mechanism?

I want you to take time apart for yourself and understand it in ways that you might not have ever understood it.

Ciao for now!

The Chapel of Bones, a Journey Into Your Own Life via Death’s Doors, The Last Breath…

You know part of our exploration is the gift of life, a life of leisure, a time given or chosen by us to explore the realms of existence.

I’m in a constant state of gratitude and appreciation for the life that I am living; however that life came to be…

And so…

Where one might find themselves falling somber, in contemplation of life and death, in realizing your end is nearer than you might know, I find joy and humor.

And the warmth of reality…

The subtle embrace of a last breath…

A breath that tells the tale of a day no longer about me, a day without you.

Now what do we do?

What now…

Now that you know…

Hugs and love as always, Emeric Damian

And the second flow…

Written by Father Antonio da Ascencao, placed upon the wall of bones…

“Where are you going in such a hurry traveler? Pause… do not advance your travel; You have no greater concern Than this one: that on which you focus your sight.

Recall how many have passed from this world, Reflect on your similar end, There is good reason to reflect If only all did the same.

Ponder, you so influenced by fate, Among all the many concerns of the world, So little do you reflect on death;

If by chance you glance at this place, Stop… for the sake of your journey, The more you pause, the further on your journey you will be.”

r *a quick drop of thoughts* Interactive everything…


a quick drop of thoughts

Interactive everything…

Voice control, the modified and completely different version of the Clap on light.

What I’m looking for still, is a connection between introverted learning mechanisms and experiences.

You will be talking to devices as if they’re intimate friends, beyond intimate and you will be taken out of context.

Laziness, entertainment, health and wealth, ease of use, sensation of growth and learning, that’s information consumption…

This is the truth, time, optimization, not waiting in lines, integration…

What does it really mean to impact the…

What does it really mean to impact the world, to have an effect?

I must admit, it drives me crazy listening to all these people talk about new technologies, new theories, new blah blah blah…

They are missing the contemplation.

It is eating at me and I must answer this, “what does it mean to impact the world?” and that is a naive question, I know, because there are missing components to it, such as positive and negative, whose world, and for what…

It goes on.

And this is what I mean by asking the question.

It’s driven me mad for as long as I can remember, listening to people talk about progress, and such an ignorant form of progress they spoke of.

Progress for who…

Ah that’s a sour question isn’t it.

If we can’t look at this basic contemplation, which we can’t, because if we do, we’re labeled as ludites, as negative people, as pessimist the lepers of our time, when in fact what’s really going on is we are saying your are deluded and off track, and your ideas and efforts are for naught and here is why, which you hate.

Which we understand.


It goes on, but the truth is the truth and you are living in a delusion.

No one wants to wake up.

It’s too costly on the front of it, to acknowledge what is so.

That’s the trouble isn’t it.


You are silly.

Ignorance is what it is and it’s your drug, so enjoy it while you are on it, and I will smile at you too, because your delusion spins joy for all.

Emeric Damian