People Want Your Time But Time Doesn’t Care About You, Yet You Must Make Time, Your Time Or Else Inner-Sanity Turns Twisted…

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Taken From The Conversation With Client X :: ( There’s no context given. Nevertheless, it may be useful for you too. )

I am just going to share a few thoughts and perhaps they will serve you, perhaps you’ve already thought of them, or…

Item #3 : Use a schedule and only allow yourself to speak to people on Thursdays during the hours of 1 to 4 pm, for 30 minute blocks, and make it a non-negotiable for you. 

Of course there will be one or two people you can make the exception for. 

Everyone will understand, in fact you don’t have to tell anyone that you are batching the phone calls. Just do it, say I will call you Thursday at this time...

Get them done, and then don’t think about it anymore.

You could even create a voice message saying that you will call them back on Thursday, so that you are not reacting to others demand for you. 

The upside of doing this is great, the downside, you might actually be the one wanting to reach out to everyone because you are enjoying it on some level you aren’t aware of, such as feeling useful and not helpless. 

Might this be the perfect opportunity to create your schedule, to use your time, as you have desired to? 1. By saying no to others, and 2. By creating the rules of your own game? 

Item # 5 : We are in a moment of active surrender, letting things unfold as they will, while letting go of our desire for controlling what we can’t control anyways.

It can be challenging to allow ourselves to layback and let go, particularly for the reasons you stated in Item # 4, ‘survivor guilt’. 

The uncomfortable truth, is that there will always be something to feel guilty about, and feeling guilty about it, generally causes more suffering, and more suffering generally causes more suffering. 

I know you are a logical wizard and can argue against any point if you wanted to, but surrendering to what is, and then finding the peace within what is, should be foundational work for anyone who is in service to others. 

Personally, I believe people don’t give enough credence to the power of a calm presence, a surrendered being who is at peace as much as one can be in all situations, but specifically, I mean to say, that this state of being emanates far and wide and doesn’t always require outwardly driven action to be at affect. 

What would it look like, feel like, be like to surrender to the moment and let go of the desire for ownership and control of that which you can’t own or control? 

I will leave it at that for the moment, but I hope they are more than just words for you, as words are easy…

*Dialogues with Clients & More, who are challenged at this time, which is unlike any other, yet similar in its ways.*

How Can You Simplify Your Life Right Now For Inner Peace, Contentment, and Results?

It must be stated…

Simplify, simplify, simplify by doing less…

…not doing more.

And to remind you that the world wants your attention, I melted together a video clip from 1979 that I found on youtube, a clip of archivial footage that was capturing the soon to be future.

It had already happened and it will continue to take you if you don’t allow yourself to attend to what’s important in your life.

Your life is your life…

You don’t have to give it away to others, unless you wish to.

There’s not much more that needs to be said.

You will be challenged to create space and time for what matters most to you.

But it’s a challenge worth taking on.

Forgetting One Way Of Being To Embrace Another : Taking on The Perfection Of Speed, Completion, and Good Is Great.

You could look a this as the triple threat or better yet, a convergence of ideas that birth a kind of superpower in the individual.

This can be thought of as a protective mechanism that is being applied to a way of doing life.

In this doing you are taking on a way of being.

Is it useful for you?

Is it a hindrance?

On your quest to know yourself, to see and experience what works best for you, as a way of applying and perhaps letting loose your superpower, your incredible ability to bypass the critic, the sound of doubt, and the inner voice that doesn’t belong to you, even though it pretends it does, you will be gifted the power of speed, completion, and ‘good’ is great.

The faster you can move in life with regards to those things where moving fast makes sense and even in cases where it would not seem to, you have tapped into a new potential.

It takes practice to be the creature who lives in that regard.

Then again, you may take right to it.

I hope you do, because I know it will serve you if you allow it to.

It has the ability to remove the force of procrastination and non-doing, when everything in you wants you to do, and then you find yourself going for walks instead.

Walks are wonderful, but not when you’ve gone for your thirty third walk to the cafe while carrying the weight of knowing you are not doing what you wish to do, and thus, you seem to be doing what you wish to do, even though that is not what you wanted.

Perhaps the system of all systems is desire and wanting…

Perhaps wanting and desiring are not enough.

There’s only one way to find out and that is to find out.

So find out for yourself and see what comes.

Living In The Choice of Now To Get To What’s Next…

There are times in life where you want to transform yourself.

There are moments when enough of being one way is enough of being that being.

There are choices living before you, waiting for you to take to them, to court them, to ask for their power to be transmuted into your being.

Now, now, now…

Wait a minute?

And that is the cycle that you’ve been partaking in for a long enough time to know that it will no longer wait, as waiting is a disease of its own kind.


Yes or no…

Never a moment to express a sentiment true…

The now is standing, waiting for you.

There’s a philophy of existence, a way of taking on a beingness of the nowness, not a now as in now is all there ever is.

Which is a platitude to deflect the truth of the now.

No, this is a question of living in the question of choosing to take care of this now, so to move on to what’s next.

The cause of now, is the cause of then, and what then often is an unknown, but it only comes when there is a cause.

What a curious way to unravel what’s so, by choosing to unknow so to know.

Now What Are You Going To Do?

Doing what you know is true for you is the gift that confuses.

That confusion is both a gift and a deception.

The sooner you see for yourself, well, who knows.

And that is the mystery we will tease apart.

It’s all in the email that follows.

Note: I Use Email As An Introduction To My Ideas And As A Portal To Working With Me.

It’s clean, fast, and to the point.

Also, it keeps us free and in ownership of our time and mind.

Momentum Is Magic…

Today’s story is a tale of momentum, a tale of floating with the wind, a tale of letting go and entering the stream.

It’s a short story, with few characters, few words, and a simple plot.

The character, you.

The plot, distraction steals your mind from your future.

The outcome, you choose.

And in all of the wonder we find ourselves maneuvering in a million different ways, playing upon a landscape of distractions, of stretched thin desires, and in all of it, the flattening of our movement.

And in this we discover what we already know, momentum is the magic that creates miracles.

Keep Your Momentum Around The One Thing You Know Will Change Everything!

Find a person in your life that refuses to allow you to lose your momentum and watch the magic and miracles come about.

It’s up to you to find that person.

Unconventional and Bold It’s Your Life