Can’t we use the technology to improve our…

Can’t we use the technology to improve our hearing, our eyes, our minds?

Why is it that it’s acceptable to us to destroy our vision, go def, and lose our ability to move because of our addiction to technology.

What if using a computer made your eyesight better?

What if listening to music or podcasts or movies improved your hearing?

What if all of this relaxed your muscles in your face, reduced tension, and created a healthy state of flow?

What would we have then?

This is what I mean by saying our environments can build us as we build them, one aspect of my idea to create ourselves.

But this is basic.

It’s a kin to clean water, clean food, fresh air, etc..

We should build for well being, not our destruction.

It would be crazy if your bacteria could…

It would be crazy if your bacteria could be made more youthful and thus change transform the rest of the human.

It seems simple enough, if trillions of cells within us are bacteria, and these bacteria compose us, and their life span is very short and can turn over quickly, and we can take another’s bacteria and turn it over, into youthful bacteria what is expressed then?

How does it actually work?

How is it truly expressed?

My mind doing the work, biome doing the work, the cells, the energy, the frequency? Tell me more.


Isn’t it curious to look at all these…

Isn’t it curious to look at all these people who are talking about AI, bio mimicry, new health tech, etc. ect. and they all look like people, out of shape, struggling human beings.

And now when you see this and yes it probably sounds judgmental to state this as so, but be here with me and listen to what it is I’m discussing.

Humans aren’t changing from what they were to what they are now to what they believe they may become.

They are completely delusional and distracting themselves from looking at themselves and transforming their lives by doing what is needed to do, and that is to go inward and to stop doing the things that they are trying to create solutions to.

Take another example, we are always trying to create new technologies to clean the environment, to clean our bodies, but never do we just stop polluting them in the first place.

Never do we, as a conscious community, simply say, lets just ban all plastics and come up with an alternative.

Well, we pose the idea, but we don’t really mean to do anything about any of it, and so, what we are really doing is creating drama of a kind, so that we have something of interest to do with our time and our lives.

And rarely do we find someone who speaks the truth about it all.

Everyone keeps playing along…

They are desperate to.

What else would they do if they were to acknowledge this truth?

People despise reality.

And so they give over their reality to the imagination of others.

In this way they go along with the madness.

I need to explain this to you the…

I need to explain this to you, the more you create the more the dream comes alive, the greater the lucidity breathes into the existence before you.

You know they’re before you as in a dream, asking questions, playing their roles, moving about upon the shadows of existence.

If you wish to know more, simply ask them, ‘who are you?’ and then watch as they work to respond as they lose their grasp on whatever role they’re playing in the world.

It’s beyond intriguing, like a brief glimpse underneath your own emptiness.

And if you will continue to live this way for however long you might, with compassion and empathetic joy, you too will begin to live with a level of lucidity that it may be to clear for you at the moment, only to realize that you’ve always had the ability to see.

There are things I’ve wanted to share with you. Words I’ve shared with you in other places, which point to what you and I know.

These things we keep relatively private for the sake of those who might come along and find themselves confused within the lightness of truth.

We must respect that, even though they are still viscous amongst the dreams.

But you are now in a place of creation, where all you do is create.

You know…

You know and I am only reiterating these truths for your sake, burning them clear of the haze you keep smearing upon them.

A question I must live with in that…

A question I must live with in that I always am asking as I observe us, would they be doing that work if they didn’t have to do the work they believe they have to do to live their lives as they wish to live them?

And as I watch everyone moving along in their way, there’s no doubt in my mind we are, the majority of us, doing things with our lives and time that we’d rather not do, but do because we think that’s what has to be done.

It’s always been a waste of life, but only if you see it as such.

I have and yet they will tell you, that you must do it as they do, as that’s the way you are supposed to do it.

You will find yourself in multiple worlds because…

You will find yourself in multiple worlds, because they already exist, and you’ve already been amongst them.

I’ve been living them, pulling people into new realities, while simultaneously being confused why others stay where they are.

It may have been an entire lifetime so far that I’ve been doing this kind of work, unconscious to me for many years.

It was only a later on realization, and even then, I see that I often don’t acknowledge what’s taking place here.

There is a dream I’m living in, well not really, it’s the revers, the others, not all, but the majority are in there way, characters in a dream.

I’ve experienced many times, the telling of the people that this is a dream, that they can choose the reality they choose, to what extent they can choose I am not sure, perhaps an infinite mess of options lay be for them, but I don’t think so.

It feels finite, like the same meals being served over and over, with a slight change in texture or spice, here or there.

The coincendence, the sychronicities, the knowledge of an experience playing over and over and me in the smame loop seemingly not choosing a different reality but partially creating my own through choice.

It seems to be choice.

But I want to come back for a moment to the idea of the dream and I’ve been wishing to know more, to share the reality that appears more real than the other, though all carry phenomenon.

You circle around in your own life, having the same thoughts, struggling with the same topics, living in the same ideas, a consensus reality that belongs to who, not you.

The dreams speak to me and I keep sharing with myself what I hear, sense, and know.

I’ve shared it with you but it falls flat, not always, but for most.

That’s reasonable, I suppose.

But now we are in a bind of a truth of a kind…

What do you do now?
How do you choose to live now?
Who do you choose to be now?
What do you wake up to now?
How far do you go into breakfast and dinner now?

Life leaved in a new reality is simple to experience.

You turn off everything and leave.

You step into a new reality for a time, in a place where no one knows you, only so you can see for yourself what you already know.

That’s your own adventure.

I build new realities for people, design minds and environments, behaviors and understanding through experience and insight.

This is more of a dream than you know.

The more you live into it the more you come alive to the truth, that “You know.”

But you can’t know this yet, until you step into the knowing itself.

As I say, ‘you walk the path, until the path becomes you, and then you are it’.

Now what?