The Writing Happens Here…

From The Mind of:
Emeric Damain
Sintra, Portugal
11th May, 2018

Hello my love,

And do come into my world because I love you…

So take that as you will and prepare yourself for sharing in the wonder, the mystery, and enthusiastic curiosity that is life.

Sound like fun to you?

Better than sitting alone in a boring reality, don’t you think?


I will tell you more in a minute why this is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

But first…

How do you feel about semi-colons?

I know that seems irrelevant, but I use them often and I want to make sure they don’t disturb your sense of grammar.


Well… You know…

And I mean that, “You Know”.

Two very important words to understand and experience.

But for now,

Love you too,
Emeric “You Know” Damian


I’d like to share with you a book I’ve created, a book that isn’t quite ready, but worth reading when it is, a book that isn’t a book but more of a treatise on being.

I will send it to you for free in PDF form, delivered on July 4th 2018, my day of birth, not the year…


You might be wondering why I use what seems an antiquated technology, this thing called email? It’s for my sanity and for yours. It’s a process of simplification toward beauty and value and ownership.

Also writing and speaking are my gifts, my way of sharing what I’ve learned, what I know, and what is of curiosity to you.