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Emeric Damian : In Simplicity : In The Unknown

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Part of the journey of the exploration in the process of creation has to do to a great extent with time itself.

What is being shared here just the possibility to reconstruct reality as you desire it.

What of time?

What is possible when you reconstruct time to work in your favor as opposed to appear to work as a stress mechanism?

I want you to take time apart for yourself and understand it in ways that you might not have ever understood it.

Ciao for now!

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Quick summary…

The story reifies a reality, not reality, but a reality…

You can create a reality based off of your story, based off of your telling, the telling of your goals, the telling of your vision, the telling of truth.

And that requires you to go into your exploration of identity, of the identity you are wearing, and and identity that can be chosen.

As I said it connects back to reifying your concpetions of who and what you think you are.


Now we are moving onto time, which doesn’t exist, even though it does and in this way it is a key component of Story, of Reification, of Identity…

Some Questions To Ask?

Can we tell ourselves a different story of time that recreates reality?

How can you use story telling as a way to reinvent reality?

But for me, I’m talking about creating reality and life in the beautiful impossible.

I saw it and tasted it again earlier this afternoon. I’m always tasting.

To be continued…


You know part of our exploration is the gift of life, a life of leisure, a time given or chosen by us to explore the realms of existence.

I’m in a constant state of gratitude and appreciation for the life that I am living; however that life came to be…

And so…

Where one might find themselves falling somber, in contemplation of life and death, in realizing your end is nearer than you might know, I find joy and humor.

And the warmth of reality…

The subtle embrace of a last breath…

A breath that tells the tale of a day no longer about me, a day without you.

Now what do we do?

What now…

Now that you know…

Hugs and love as always, Emeric Damian

And the second flow…

Written by Father Antonio da Ascencao, placed upon the wall of bones…

“Where are you going in such a hurry traveler? Pause… do not advance your travel; You have no greater concern Than this one: that on which you focus your sight.

Recall how many have passed from this world, Reflect on your similar end, There is good reason to reflect If only all did the same.

Ponder, you so influenced by fate, Among all the many concerns of the world, So little do you reflect on death;

If by chance you glance at this place, Stop… for the sake of your journey, The more you pause, the further on your journey you will be.”


a quick drop of thoughts

Interactive everything…

Voice control, the modified and completely different version of the Clap on light.

What I’m looking for still, is a connection between introverted learning mechanisms and experiences.

You will be talking to devices as if they’re intimate friends, beyond intimate and you will be taken out of context.

Laziness, entertainment, health and wealth, ease of use, sensation of growth and learning, that’s information consumption…

This is the truth, time, optimization, not waiting in lines, integration…

What does it really mean to impact the world, to have an effect?

I must admit, it drives me crazy listening to all these people talk about new technologies, new theories, new blah blah blah…

They are missing the contemplation.

It is eating at me and I must answer this, “what does it mean to impact the world?” and that is a naive question, I know, because there are missing components to it, such as positive and negative, whose world, and for what…

It goes on.

And this is what I mean by asking the question.

It’s driven me mad for as long as I can remember, listening to people talk about progress, and such an ignorant form of progress they spoke of.

Progress for who…

Ah that’s a sour question isn’t it.

If we can’t look at this basic contemplation, which we can’t, because if we do, we’re labeled as ludites, as negative people, as pessimist the lepers of our time, when in fact what’s really going on is we are saying your are deluded and off track, and your ideas and efforts are for naught and here is why, which you hate.

Which we understand.


It goes on, but the truth is the truth and you are living in a delusion.

No one wants to wake up.

It’s too costly on the front of it, to acknowledge what is so.

That’s the trouble isn’t it.


You are silly.

Ignorance is what it is and it’s your drug, so enjoy it while you are on it, and I will smile at you too, because your delusion spins joy for all.

Emeric Damian

And breathe… A bubble of breath, a bubble of expansion without end…


Can’t we use the technology to improve our hearing, our eyes, our minds?

Why is it that it’s acceptable to us to destroy our vision, go def, and lose our ability to move because of our addiction to technology.

What if using a computer made your eyesight better?

What if listening to music or podcasts or movies improved your hearing?

What if all of this relaxed your muscles in your face, reduced tension, and created a healthy state of flow?

What would we have then?

This is what I mean by saying our environments can build us as we build them, one aspect of my idea to create ourselves.

But this is basic.

It’s a kin to clean water, clean food, fresh air, etc..

We should build for well being, not our destruction.

Why is it that I enjoy movies, boxing, and beauty, the sunsets over the forest, over the ocean, the burning light of a rising sun, the terror of time moving through a day?

What of this…

It’s been a mix up for me to see who and what I’m doing.