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Emeric Damian : In Simplicity : In The Unknown

Coming Soon… A Short Term Living Space for The Model Artist Who Adores Rejuvenation for Creation…

From the mind
Emeric Damian
Lisbon Portugal

You want this and I have created something beautiful for you.

Imagine a place to disappear into.

A place that is quiet and private…

A place that gives you a moment to breathe…

You are about to take part in the creation of the artist Emeric Damian.

He’s recognized something so deep within you, something so powerful and necessary for you to live your most beautiful life.

And now he wants to share it with you.

What is it?

Simply the most magnificent simplicity of a quiet moment alone.


Not quite, but mostly…

You are a beautiful face, a mind that is desired by many.

You do your work.

You work hard and give everything you have to so many, but sometimes you have to take time to your self.

This is that time.

Leonardo Da Vinci said it best, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

And in this moment, for you, it is also true.

And that is why we created a perfect world within a world for you to disappear into.

This world has all the essentials for you to create and relax into.

Each of our spaces have:

[ The list goes here ]

To get on this exclusive private list costs 100 euro. That’s how we filter out the flakes from the those who are sincere in their desire for beauty and sincerity.

You are here for a reason, it’s called taste; it’s called class.

You have it.

And you recognize the world between.

What world is that?

The world of beautiful pleasure and masterful simplicity.

The world that rejuvenates you and the world that takes from you.

You get what most don’t and that is why we want you.



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