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Emeric Damian : In Simplicity : In The Unknown

Real Life Stories Of My Mystery and Madness ( ONE GOAL )

The truth is I want to share with you the words that come from the mystery of my existence.

It’s a twisted tale that plays right now in this moment.

But I don’t share publicly, it’s a paid membership that you will get private access to.

Please don’t share my soul with anyone else.

It’s for you, if you wish to play and experience the depths of my fears, of my heart, of a troubled spirit that’s in love with life.

I crash and fall fast at times, and the wonders that come from my follies and travels drip upon my mind in ways I can’t let go of.

And I want to share it with you.

Why do I put a payment in the process, because it removes people from my life who don’t appreciate the wandering of my ways, and it puts people in my universe, such as yourself, who appreciate traveling through the starscape of life.

Where am I in all of this at this moment and where have I been before…

Soon you will discover, the many stories that have twisted my existence into an experience of wonder.

Come with me…

Click here.

This is Word Travel to Awaken,

Emeric Damian

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