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Emeric Damian : In Simplicity : In The Unknown

The Programs & Projects For Exceptional Minds

Exceptional minds is your path to creating masterful thinking for yourself.

That means you will be your own guru, an expert on yourself which is critically important to your success in your life, no matter how you measure success.

The wealth of living a rich life matters, but only you can choose what that means for you.

Coming Soon… A Short Term Living Space for The Model Artist Who Adores Rejuvenation for Creation…

From the mind Emeric Damian Lisbon Portugal You want this and I have created something beautiful for you. Imagine a place to disappear into. A place that is quiet and private… A place that gives you a moment to breathe… You are about to take part in the creation of the artist Emeric Damian. He’s […]

Environmental Design To Create A Desired Result

One of our big projects is all about creating environments to create a result. The theory in play is that we can “assign a design for a time to the environment to create the vision we have in mind,” as it was told to me in my dream. Our company literally take a person or […]


You are a woman who wants anonymity and sensuality released upon photographs, the beautiful display and exploration of the you magic you are.


Travel and stories of my journey to Portugal…

Real Life Stories Of My Mystery and Madness ( ONE GOAL )

The truth is I want to share with you the words that come from the mystery of my existence. It’s a twisted tale that plays right now in this moment. But I don’t share publicly, it’s a paid membership that you will get private access to. Please don’t share my soul with anyone else. It’s […]

Sliding upon Sintra Portugal the stars flitter upon the forest…

Piri lamposts… Fire flies… Darkness…


I believe in systems and this is the expression of a Lucid Mindset and the clarity of our desires and creation.

Technology I am Watching For Reasons I Find Curious

I’m not sure how this actually works, this project play. Anyways, check this out: It’s curious to me as I am very new to tracking via devices as such, though it seems a s if the field isn’t quite there. One thing to not, that I am very curious about. If I sing a note […]

The Coaching Master Path…

Learn to coach and coach powerfully.

Vegan In Portugal

Who Are You Being…

The bad news is that all the stuff you’ve been chasing, all of the ideas you’ve been running around in your head, all of it will leave you feeling unfulfilled in the end. Those projects you’ve been fantasizing about, the ideas about getting in shape, the million dollar ideas, the musical expressions, the relationships you […]

Working Principles

Lucid Mindset Working Principles We are not afraid to polarize people by speaking the truth thus those who want to work with us are 10s. We are crazy in beautiful ways, recognizing that there is freedom to be free from false constructs. We are compassionate and intense. We embrace a full Psychology of Possibility, knowing […]