If you were to write and create your own quest for awakening and enlightenment…

What would it look like if you spent a few days in being and in creating while experiencing the quest and adventure that you would go on to live as you sense and know, a path of awakening, of waking up, of living from the place where everything is perfect as it is, clear and lucid, magnificent and easy in it’s way?

It’s like creating your own creation. Constructing your own brain and body using your mind, connecting to the field that you are existing from so as to experience what wishes to be known…

Thinking about everything I’ve learned quickly and with…

Thinking about everything I’ve learned, quickly and with ease, and how it came to me, has me on a quest of sorts, because there have been times that I have instantaneously taken in something new, both data and physical ability, and then was able to express it almost right away.

How is that so?
What happened there?

Also, what has hindered my learning the most? Thoughts, lack of feedback, of positive feedback to put me where I needed to be.

I’m developing a model, I can transfer to anyone and to anything.

Mission Mindset.

I am a learner exceptional, and masterful at teaching.