If you were to write and create your own quest for awakening and enlightenment…

What would it look like if you spent a few days in being and in creating while experiencing the quest and adventure that you would go on to live as you sense and know, a path of awakening, of waking up, of living from the place where everything is perfect as it is, clear and lucid, magnificent and easy in it’s way?

It’s like creating your own creation. Constructing your own brain and body using your mind, connecting to the field that you are existing from so as to experience what wishes to be known…

It’s important for you to seek who you…

It’s important for you to seek who you seek to work with, that they are on the top of their knowing and experience, being the being the propose to be.

It’s a difficult task at times isn’t it, to live to that place, to that way of being.

But then again maybe it isn’t as difficult as a switch in identity and tip into making different choices.

Part of the process of learning and teaching, and being the wisdom that comes or precedes the process, dances upon identity.

It’s a simple thing in truth, but it requires the practices of what you already know you may use.

#We can simplify this in ways, by looking at what your vision of a good life is, and then take that mature notion and realize it.

Simple, we laugh.

Watch the cycle, the broken record that scratches.

The inklings are in existence for you for a reason.