What is Lucid Mind Set?

The KEY is to work more in a focused manner to become brilliant at it.

The key is to have fun and live more and experience more, to go to the most amazing places and do cleanses, detoxes, clinics, to travel to go surfing, to do courses with others who are transforming their lives in profound ways.

Getting Clear About A Lucid Mind Set…

Is Lucid Mind Set about helping people get clear on what they want to do with their lives? Is it about helping focus have a clearer mind? Is it about helping people get more from their life before their life is through with them?

What is it about?

Originally I was thinking along the lines of detoxes and reboots, clearing the mind and healing the body, but now I’m thinking about helping people discover their passions and live their lives with zest.

Really what do you want to focus on everyday for the rest of your life? Where is it that you want to spend your time? Who is it you want to hang around with? What kind of people do you want to mingle with?

I think I want to hang out with people who are making a difference in the world. I want to help people by creating more awareness. I want there to be less suffering on the earth. And I want fewer animals to be tortured to death.

So how am I going to serve?

I’m going to help people live their dreams by getting them to take action and I’m going to start with myself.

Just Do It – The cure to 97% of your problems.

Action is what everyone is lacking. When you take action you are a step ahead of 99% of people. So just do it. Move your toosh.

Lucid Mind Set should be all about taking action and making things happen. It should be a program that frees people from procrastination and fear freeze. It should be a program that lifts their self-confidence because the truth is that it doesn’t matter what comes of these things as long as you are doing it.


My feeling is that it should be a program for taking massive action to make things happen in your life. But I’m thinking that applied to marketing on a web site is key.

Lucid Mind Set is my way of learning, of inspiring, of being the change I want to be.

Truths live here, but it’s for you to decide what is worth keeping and what is burning down.

Many mottos float through my mind, but one in particular requires sharing over and over again:

Your are your guru. The Guru In The Mirror is the Guru for you.

I will share what I have to share but it’s for you to choose what is right for you or not. There is no judgment in this. You are free to let go of all of it or to hold onto some of it. Whatever you choose it doesn’t matter to me.

For you to remember: Patience as you move along this path. Two years of moving through this and loving it. 


What I do is fly around the world having fun interviewing people and studying the mind and consciousness and whatever it is I want to do.

Here are some people I’d love to interview:

  • Mooji
  • Echart Tolle
  • Floyd MayWeather
  • Richard Branson
  • Homeless people
  • Dalai Lama
  • Alan Wallace
  • Tara Stiles
  • You get the idea… Keep adding to the list, because there are so many fun people to meet.
  • Models and Raw foodists
  • Keanau Reeves
  • People who are trying to shift and change the world
  • Bono
  • Amy Goodman
  • Jeremey Scahill



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