Day One Discovery

Before we begin, I want to let you know that I recognize in you that you are a masterpiece, a creation that will never be again; you are brilliant as you are, right now, without exception.

Because you are perfect as you are and there is no reason to follow anyone.
You are your own guru, always and ultimately.

Even if you follow someone you are not following them. Everything is always experienced from your perspective for you and for you only.

I will never know your experience. No one ever will.

This is beautiful and disorienting.

Beautiful because it’s yours, this life, this universe. Disorienting because no one can live it for you. Disorienting because no one can completely know you.

Beautiful because you know fundamentally what to do. Disorienting because you don’t always know what to do.

You are you, as I am me, as they are them.

You are and always will be the most important you there will ever be.