Start Here

The essence of an existence, the story I tell myself, that I write for myself.

No, this is manipulation of myself or it could be the play while I am here. See how it works. It is what I want but it isn’t the truth. And that is the closest to truth I have come, for now

The truth is, liberation has no story.

Freedom is free from the bounds of story.

*I have to know how it is that my body and mind can do as it does without me, and yet all I want to do is pretend that I am the one doing it, but I only want to do that a moment here and there.*

It’s the field that I speak of, the thing that creates me. That is me.

You know that you don’t know how to become the madness that you are, the seeking, the transformation, the seeing of the truth, but why.

What happens when you let go of the seeking and just start being it?

What happens when you literally live that way, live as it?

Ah, you sound mad and you confuse people, especially yourself.

But why? Only because you are holding onto your conception of the other’s mind.

It’s exactly.

You seek what you don’t have, just as I said with love.

*Are you seeking this thing you think you don’t have that is you?*


It’s so easy to live that way but you don’t and you do, and you seek.


This is the deep laughter of existence you are suffering through.