Any Time Calls….

Let me share with you what I have been offering clients…

I call it ‘Anytime Calls’, you are given 11 calls to be used over a 7 month period, to use as you wish and when you wish.

You can use them in 1 month if you want to. You are free to do so as you wish.

The call times tend to range from 15 minutes to 90 minutes on some occasions.

If I am available that same day you send a message, then I will connect with you, but usually we will schedule a specific time to speak.

It costs $2500 all up front, no refunds, all in.

Payment is almost always upfront with rare exceptions.

I can tell you why when we speak, but it is much cleaner that way.

Payment is a sign of commitment. 

This is a creative act for me and I always go toward what works best, what gets results, while cutting through the crap.

If my prices are too inexpensive and you want something more intensive than let me know when we speak about creating that.

There’s no reason to not take a direct route to what it is you want to create.