A Miracle Circle Of Possibility

Three Months Of Possibility…

A Conversation To Transform Your Life.

Why am I so matter of fact about who I will work with and how I work?

I can’t want this for you more than you want it for yourself.

My coaching is a commitment by you for you from yourself.

The gift you’re giving yourself.

I’m not interested in coaching everyone. Only you, if you’re willing to ‘look’.

Only if you’re willing to take ownership of the creation of your life.

This is about your life, the life you are living right now.

By the way, I am not asking you to do anything I’m not doing myself.

I’ll give you 3 months of my life if you’ll make one promise, “You will show up and be all in.”


Your results will be directly related to how much you want what you want.

The creation of what you want a 3 month adventure.

I had a conversation that lasted five minutes only to find out a month later, that the conversation made a miracle happen. The same for a twenty minute conversation. It’s real.

I create my life. I want you to realize and own this too. You get to create your life.

Realizing this and then acting on it may be the most freeing experience you will ever have. How you get there and how you live from that knowing is not always clear.

Where there’s a want, there are plenty of how’s.

Once you see this for yourself and live it for yourself, everything changes, everything. It won’t necessarily be easy but it will be rewarding beyond belief.

And as the author of my story, I choose to build exquisite freedom into my life, which means, there is a chance in 3 months I will want to work solely on my book, or travel a continent for a year, or watch storms roll off the Pacific Ocean during the winter, or who knows what.

That’s the beauty of creating your life; you’re able to do as you wish.

“My clients not only create miracles, but more importantly they are miracles. When they experience this truth, everything changes.” ~ Emeric Thorpe

So what kind of life do you want to create? Let’s talk, click here.

The Participation In The Creation Of Your Life…

I run the program cyclically throughout the year, feel free to contact me to explore if you are a welcome exploration of the making of creation.