Inappropriate Contact

We’re exploring the nature of reality, the universe, the very makeup of your being and your way within the world.

The words here are written to incite a personal revolution and all revolutions begin within the self, within you.

One way or another what must come out of you is the raw expression of consciousness.

You are here to experience more of experience its self and with that we begin are expedition into the unknown, which is every moment, every place and every where.

By the time we are complete here you will understand and experience the truth of your being; you will experience who you actually are; you will begin to unravel the sheath that has captured you.

Again, I am capable of falsehoods as we all are, if we speak, if we use words to know what seems so true.

Inappropriate in my ways…

And yet love guides my internal distrust because it’s there.

Perhaps the lies we speak show us what we must come to know, to know what we must come to be, that which we are.