It Can’t Be That Simple You Silly Human; It Isn’t Like We’re Baking Bread ( read it out loud if you will ).

My darling,


There is bread in the oven, fresh, steaming, and so satisfying to tear into.

Four ingredients: water, flour, salt, and yeast.

It’s so simple…

Four everyday ingredients and yet so many people screw it up.

Pizza dough, the same four ingredients….

And so many terrible pizzas in the world…

It’s so simple…


What of your life?

Do I dare say it is so, so simple, yet you screw it up all the time.

Isn’t it so.

The toast is burnt, the bread is dry, the pizza flavourless, a salty tear from your eye.

Four ingredients: water, food, sleep and breath

It’s simple isn’t it.

But we are humans.

It’s our nature to create, to play, to experiment, to cause mischief in our own lives, to burn the toast by ‘accident’.

It’s fun, it happens, it’s life.

It is fun, except when it isn’t and it often isn’t, even when it is.

That last part gets us in trouble, “even when it is,” as we begin to believe that life is primarily heavy, torturous, a true terror to behold…

Work, struggle, stress and fear, keep pushing the rocks up the hill, today and tomorrow do the same, because if you aren’t in pain then you are clearly insane.

“Everyone is suffering, so you should too. If I have to suffer, so shall you. I know you think you are better than me, well I’m better than you and now you will suffer my judgments too.”

And you do.

You take them on as if they’re your own, the judgments of others; you carry their fiery stones.

“Drop it! Let it go! Your hands are burning”, they scream, “let it go, this is not a dream”.

“Oh precious one, are you searing your spirit with the words of another, with the thoughts that you believe to be true, thoughts that sting your being as their lies run you through?”

You are a precious one; your ‘life’, which is you, is precious; you have been given the gift of existence.

I know you already know all of that, all that has been shared here.

Nonetheless, life compels me to share with you, as I do.

It reminds me of that poem, you know the words:

“You shot your arrow, into the sky,

You laid upon the earth knowing,

the arrow, also came to die.”

Here’s to being thought insane in a world that thinks it isn’t,



Perhaps, today is a good day to respect the four lovers: sleep, water, food and your glorious beautiful body breathing as it so wonderfully knows how to do.

Everything else is important too and we will talk about that soon, because I have something for you.

It will transform your life, if you want it to.


Coming Soon::

  1. Relationships And The Ridiculous Nature Of Being In One.
  2. Knowing What You Want While Living Without Needing To Know.
  3. Why World Building May Be What You Are Missing In Your Life.
  4. The Guardian and The GuruThe Guru Is You & It Is The Only Way It Can Ever Be & What That Means For Your Future.
  5. Mischief, Debauchery & The Silliness Of Following The Rules.
  6. And for those who are interested, “Portugal, A Different Way Of Living” will be available soon.
  7. I just like ending on the number seven so I will. Hugs and love silly butt.

*If you aren’t sure how you ended up here, then fantastic, welcome once again, to the wonderful world of Emeric Damian’s creation, a land where nothing is everything and everything is more than it seems. We explore, whatever we want because it is in our nature to share, as the art of life wishes for us to share. May you find value in it or nothing at all, because both are perfectly fine, and we don’t mind. Loving you and loving you some more you sexy, curious, mysterious gorgeous being. ( click if you have forgotten anything here )