I will be concise.

That’s challenging for me, brevity.

We are nothing…

By this I mean, we are potential.

We are becoming more than we are being.

We have been.

Here are a few moments of being in time that I wish to share.

I am nothing at my best. I want for nothing at my freest. I experience the truth when I know nothing.

Without me, I am free.

It’s Strange To Be Here Exploring With You…

You are a mystery to me but yet we are communicating in ways unknown to each of us.

May you find something of value here.

There are 3 pages on this site including this one.

Why the simplicity, I will create and create and change things up, because it’s addicting to do so.

To protect my mind from creating the same thing, staying in the same circle, I have put constraints upon myself.

The three pages on this site are:

  1. About
  2. Home
  3. Words ( Blog Posts ) A Place To Put Down Mostly Random Thoughts Online…

I am great at protecting my psychic space and these type of constraints are invaluable for me.

To know thyself 😉

~ Em. D.