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A Year Of Bridging The Dreaming Reality With Waking Reality And Back Again.

1 Spot Available For The Year.

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Dreaming The Dream Awake

You will know if this interests you are not. If it does than email me at

…a year of conversation around dreaming, but not just dreaming when you sleep, but the living and waking dream, coming together, melding the two. 

This is an experimental program.

Together we will be exploring bringing the dreaming mind into waking reality and vice versa. It will be an exploration created between the two of us.

However, there is a set itinerary, a foundation that will thread throughout to give us direction, to keep us tethered to the game we are playing.

We have one conversation scheduled per month. And we will keep a weekly dialogue going between voice messages and a combination of emails. 

Of course, you and I need to talk first so that is what there is not a button here to sign up for anything. 

This is an invitation to dip into the dreaming mind and explore the power and potential of the unknown.

Here’s what is planned. 

I want to be clear with you. I don’t know exactly what will come from our exploration with the dreaming. 

But that is the idea. 

The dreaming will tell us where to go, what to ask, whom to meet. 

I will not say too much more here, because this is a public page, and what we will do is quite private. 

If you are interested you will already know.

There will be something here that intrigues you. You will more than likely have already had signs of the dreaming coming to speak with you. 

It will have shown you things, though you might not have acknowledged them, nor let them come to bare. 

Often when ignore what is speaking to us, because… It’s just a dream isn’t it.


Just a dream. 

You are going to be talking to the dreaming. 

Now, you might have seen I offer digital version of this. That version is fine as it is. But it can’t be anything like what we are going to do. 

It’s impossible. 

And while the digital version is a joy to explore and work with, it pales in comparison to the living dance between our worlds. 

But you already know that. 

Mirror mirror on the wall… 

How to get started

If you are open to exploring a mystical landscape, to having conversations with dreaming world, to feeling into the unknown and enjoying yourself the entire time, even when visiting what is called a nightmare then, email me at

( The long term vision, is to be in a life long conversation with the dreaming world. )