The Guardian and The Guru
by Emeric Damian ( Membership )

Keeping it simple for you, ridiculously simple…


There’s a battle for your attention.

Distraction is destroying us and it’s your duty to yourself to own your awareness and attention.

The challenge to be mentally free is only getting more difficult.

…The Solution…

Surrounding yourself with people, with ideas, with powerful words and images designed to guard your inner world.

The Guardian and The Guru lives for that purpose.

You will be of my tribe, but a completely free being.

Welcome to The Guardian and The Guru,
Emeric Damian Thorpe


P.S. Right Away You Are Going To Be Given Two Documents:

One to Accelerate your Business Life; it’s a resource guide called A.P.I.X. And it’s what you call an appreciating asset, it’s you investing in yourself and your knowledge.


You will get as a bonus:

How To Get Everything You Want In A World That Doesn’t Want You To which is a private audio/email program.


It’s Coming Soon… 

The Future Continues To Be About Buying And Selling Attention!

We will protect yours!