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You are looking for a place to stay in Portugal.

It’s important to me to share with you, a bit about myself, as you will see, I live a kind of lifestyle and there are aspects of it that ‘normal’ folks don’t seem to appreciate.

There’s a way of living and being, that I appreciate and I think you will as well. It’s outside of the lines of the average person’s day to day.

It’s simple really.

I have a private list, that I’ve been creating to assist you in finding a place whether temporary or for a longer period of time, to stay.

Each place I have exemplifies what I desire.

Simplicity, cleanliness, privacy, and an amazing sound system.

Well, there’s more to it than that, but these are the preliminaries. Amazing beds, beautiful sheets, perfect pillows, and wonderful water filtration to keep you hydrated and feeling fresh; and of course simplicity, cleanliness, privacy, and an amazing sound system. ( the redundancy is on purpose; these things matter to me. )

What else might you find?

Comfort and pleasure, and all the essentials that make for an amazing smooth trip.

You know what matters and it matters to me too.

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You’ve options in the world, hotels, hostels, and air bnb. All work. I’m providing something particular to those who have an appreciation for high quality simplicity, where you can focus on your life and the enjoyment of your experience, while not having to even spend a moment worrying about the foundation of what you’ve come to love and enjoy.

If you have a suggestion or there’s something you’d love to have included, let me know and we will make it happen, if it fits in with what we’ve created, an amazing support system for you to fully enjoy your experience.