They Pay You To Be You

Life Coaching Isn’t What You Think, It’s Better!

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They Pay You To Be You

by Emeric Damian Thorpe

A Mini Course To Coaching Mastery In this free Mini-Course we are going to get you experiencing coaching as a coach, right away.

We’re going to address the number one block that I see new and some experienced coaches make.

And in this moment you will have the opportunity to learn from other’s struggles.

With this mini-course you will increase and improve the speed with which you can start making money as a Professional Coach.

Because, they pay you to be you and they are paying for you to reflect back their dreams. And you have many years of being you, now it’s time to share your gifts.

To your success,

Emeric Damian Thorpe

p.s. I have one secret to share that many people, including coaches don’t could benefit greatly from. It makes the difference between a poor coach and magnificent coach.