This Is About You & Your Freedom

From The Mind of:
Emeric Damain
Ericeira, Portugal
31st January, 2017

You are being sold off. I mean you are a commodity to someone, to many someone’s.

Did you know that?

Let me give you a masterful truth, ‘everyone is using everyone for one thing or another‘ and that’s okay.

You use your friends and they use you, but it’s a beautiful kind of give and take.

We are in relationships with each other.

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But what get’s me is why you continue to allow your attention to be given to others that don’t serve you.

And yes I’m talking about distraction by design.

Corporations, advertising, entertainment that drains you, food that zaps your energy…

You know what I’m talking about, because I do the same thing and everyone I know falls into the traps to.

Some of us get out faster, some never do.

Now what I want from you and yes I want something from you too.

It’s the truth.

This is how upfront and honest I am.

I’m a fighter for the freedom of your attention, so that you can use it to your greatest power, for your greatest benefit.

That’s what this is for me.

Freedom and empowerment for myself and for those who are in my tribe. I want you in my tribe.


The silent war we surrender to… STOP!

What and Why:

There’s a battle being waged for your attention, and who ever has your attention, whether you like it or not, it has control of you for the moment.

The majority of the population is a sleep to this.

They’re afraid and frozen in their insecurity.

My work is designed for two purposes, to inspire you and to call for you to become the expert on yourself, so that you can continually free yourself, so you can live as you deeply desire to.

That’s it.

With these two things you have the power and path to an empowered mindset, to exceptional thinking, and to being free to create and be in the world as you wish.

But you have to own your attention and awareness or else you are asleep and a slave, being sold off to the best manipulator, the one who can use the tools and truths about brains and emotions to wrangle you and do with you what they choose.

Freedom matters to me and it matters to you too.

What you will get:

You are going to experience the same thing with me over and over.

And that is the message of action of taking ownership of yourself and your attention.

That’s it.

It doesn’t seem like much does it.

But I guarantee it is everything. 

This is a monthly membership to the Lucid Mindset tribe, to my tribe.

It’s a monthly phone call and group Q & A.

What else will you get:

You are going to have access to my best material as well.

I hold nothing back and want only for your success and liberation.

It’s $49 / month you can cancel at any time if you want. The first month is non-refundable.

Emeric Damian

p.s. Your are your own guru. Own that, own yourself, take control of your attention, it will change your life. That’s the only advice I will ever give, unsolicited.



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