You Are Supposed To Suffer! [email #112]

You are supposed to suffer!

Isn’t that the greatest thing you’ve ever heard?

Absolutely it is and let me share with you why.

Not why you suffer as that’s a longer conversation but…

That you are supposed to suffer, and why it’s the greatest thing you’ve heard, ever.

“Ah, more crazy talk from Emeric.”

But honestly, you are supposed to suffer

…it’s built into your brain and into your life.

And recognizing this has the potential to be the most freeing message you might ever receive.

…if you realize you are created to suffer, and I don’t mean in, “The Gods are punishing you kind of way”.

I mean that, by being born you are going to suffer.

It’s part of being a human.

You see you’ve been arguing with and fighting against suffering for your entire life.

You may have been thinking something is wrong with you.

That you are defunct and broken.

You are not broken

But what is even more beautiful and twisted is that by trying to escape your suffering you actually cause yourself more suffering.

Wrap your head around that statement.

Because we are playing with an explosive truth right now.

This is not something to just read and get a good laugh out of.

Even though it is absurd as truth often is.


How much suffering have you caused yourself by trying to escape your own suffering?

That’s some hardcore circularity in that question.

Welcome to the maze of your own creation, the mad house, the circus of suffering.

Take a look in the mirror because you have been the ringleader this entire time.


That personality, the ringleader, is not who you are, but you might not realize that just yet.

Soon you will.

We will talk more about this nefarious character that speaks in your voice, convincing you that it is you, and you that you are it.

It’s all in this months Guardian and the Guru.

You are the guru,

Emeric Damian