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On Flow:

‘Finding flow’ a meme that’s been ingested and taken to express the generic state of a sensation that’s beyond the meme itself.

This expression of flow is being twisted and used in ways that are both exciting and misguiding.

Exciting, because human potential and process of growing a human creature as an experiment we are taking on ourselves, as consenting adults, gives us one more cave of the unknown to explore.

Misguiding, because it is being lauded as something that it isn’t, the ultimate path to human awakening.

I’m pulling apart the ideas, teasing them apart from the knot that they are, to grasp the potential for what it might be.

But I have a bias that I need to put out in front of everything I share here, and I’m doing it in the form of a question, “Why do we not understand, experientially, that flow states are just on more phenomena passing before us, neither better nor worse than any other, even though it potentially may be worse in the level of attachment it instigates in all who seek it?”

My bias, is that it’s ultimately a chase of what’s impermanent, and in a true sense can only lead to additional suffering.

That’s not a complete statement, as much as it’s a warning sign, that like psychedelics it’s probably best to be acknowledged as a tool for greater understanding of what it means to be alive, to know what life actually is.

But it’s not the thing itself.

Flow is one state amongst many.

What is flow actually?

That question is beginning to look a lot like, “What does it mean to awaken?” A question I address often. (you can read more here)

In some sense it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a word.

Fantastic, because we already know that. But it’s important to see that it is a word and a word alone, as the experiences we have do not exist as a single thing, but rather as fleeting moment to moment, moments. And none of them are every the same.

Never. Never are they the same, just as the tree you see isn’t the tree you saw a moment before, and even more so not the tree around the corner from the tree.

Is this apparent stupidity to converse as such idiotic or needed?

Clearly it matters to me and probably to you as well since you are reading this.

We know what flow has been defined as.

But does that matter anymore?

Is the question now one of access?

Is the question one of use?

If we acknowledge the breakthroughs that might be delivered to us by way of this bridge, then might we want to ask the question, why do I want to have this breakthrough?

Why does it matter to me to live more in flow?

What do I wish to gain from it and what do I believe it will bring to me once I do?


Maybe I am simply an explorer of the states of experience and this is one of my favorite states to dance within.

On Questions:

What of finding flow within the dream? What of living in flow in a lucid dream?

Dream yoga, exists around this concept, doesn’t it. But it’s beyond that because it is all of it.

We are spinning a web of a most intriguing kind.

On Metaphors:

Indra’s Net, you are a jewel and the intersection of an infinite we and each jewel is composed of the reflections of the jewels near it.

Welcome to the field!

Now we’re asking a question that intrigues me, can we become different jewels by transferring our awareness to another intersection of the web?

Shine and glow, your illuminance becomes a function of your awareness, and when you shine and glow those near you begin to reflect the very light you are.


Flow now becomes a reflection of an inner state.

Flow = a metaphor of being turned on.

Water, wind, and emptiness… Movement, flow…

All the ways we work a word over and over to express our conceptions of reality… Flow…


We all enjoy altered states of consciousness.

We seek them out from the beginning of our existence. As children we spun ourselves silly. As adults we do the same, but with different ingredients of many kinds.

My entire life has been dedicated to the exploration of altered states, literally.

If you follow my work, it always revolves around experiencing more of the experience of life itself.

That is why I’m writing these words, to continue going beyond my current understanding of life itself.

I am curious.

And that curiosity and desire to experience all of it, drives me.

You walk the path until it becomes you and then you are it.

On Lucid Dreaming & Flow States:

The enchantment and the questions continue to arise for me.

Lucid dreaming lives in ways that deserve more time and exploration, with a potential to go beyond the depths of our waking states, we have the chance to know even more of what our minds our capable of.

There are many questions to ask, and I’m simply hinting at what I am curious about, in this post.

Further exploration of all of these ideas will be required.

To continue as I do, the unfolding potential…

What interest ou may have in these words, I am uncecrtain.


I believe they may seve you as an example of creative living by and for you, foryour own particular inclinations.

Para-mi, it is an experiment that I am running at this time.

One Hour Per Day Spent Fllowing My Fancy…

Writing, creating, sharing…

Appreciating my interest, appreciating and valeing my life and time, by alowing for my curiosity to pay dividends.

By Wealth I Mean living a rich life of wonder and awe, following my fancy.

And letting that be the investments I make in myself, in the future, in humanity, in the world, in the cosmos, inconsciousness itself if you wil.

And that isa statement to share with myself for myself.


You can come along for the ride if you wnt and I will share as much as I desire to shre with you.

And more…

But the big swing comes now…

The Caveat…

ou have to join my monthly newsletter to get the goods…

Now why would you want to do that?

Simple, there’s not a lot of creative thinking in the word atie is ao f ras and I live a different life and that life very well may serve you in unexpected ways.

You will be given the gretest secret of all time WINK WINK…

Ok.. I will tell you now, it’s about options.

But that’s all I am saying.

Love you, you wild beast,

Em. Csh.

P.S. This is a personal reminder, to everyday allow yourself to follow your fancy and produce content of one kind or another according to the fancy you follow.

Sleep dot-dot.

Sleep dot-dot.

Sleep the wonderland of ever unfolding mysteries.

I look Into the depths of a dreamscape and the dreams look back at me, as myself but not me.

How I love to dream, how I love to sleep, how sleep loves me.

I am almost now able to stay awake as I fall asleep. A minute in and I hear myself breathing deeply.

And then amnesia comes again…


Words To Awaken…

Be a lamp, or a lifeboat or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd. ~ Rumi

The story of a mind scattered with distrust of its self…


The recovery of the wonderful, of the sacred unknown that is the moment, a mindfully chosen path, where each breath is a breath creating peace of mind.


You, the mythical being that can never fully be known, how are you living your mind, body, and being?

The rooster crows at confused hours and we take to believing he knows what time it is for you.

The creator of your scenario…

You are the guru; one thing attended to, with love and intention, and you are free.

Stay tuned,

Emeric Damian

A Simple Truth…

It’s so good to have you here, to be able to share in the wonder of life.

I really do appreciate your unique way of being.

And that is why I want to share an idea with you that may have a profound impact on your life.

…use it

When you find yourself in a moment of muck, a moment of feeling uncertain and confused, or when you are in wonder and excitement.

This one beautiful idea can get you moving.

It’s life changing when applied, when used, and I promise you it will open up the possibilities of creating your dream life?

You will be in a place of power.

This simple statement may be the very thing that shifts your energy.

And it is this…

“Let the experience be the learning and the action the reward.”

…that my dear friend is key…

It’s the difference between reading about something and doing the thing.

It’s the difference between wisdom and just stuffing your brain with more information.

It is the key to getting everything you want in a world that doesn’t want you to.

…and when anything get’s in your way, you can simply say it out loud and watch your energy shift!

To creating miracles as you are one, 
Emeric Damian

They question it…

They question the idea that you can have everything you want in the world.

They are skeptical, and they should be, because who makes an offer like this that isn’t either lying or being insincere?

I do.

And how can I do that?

You are either one of two people…

You are the person that believes a life going after what you want, having fun doing it, even if there are frustrations involved, is a life infinitely more interesting and worth living than the person who is dull to the world and has settled for what others say they can have.

Which reality do you choose to live?

You better have said the life of excitement and creation, otherwise I’d have to wonder while you are here with me now.

But let’s dig into this a bit more, the idea of wanting is a fabulous human drive, because we want and then we want more and thus we are in a world of contiual curiostiy and new experiences.

Life never has a moment to be dull and uninteresting.

On the flip side, some people only seem to live a life of dull and uninteresting experiences.

Not you…

You get what you want and then when you want something more, you go after the experience too.

And if you don’t want anything at some point than that’s beautiful too, because even that is a want worth wanting!

Life is a game to be played and enjoyed, but some of us play a lot more than others.

The gift I have to share with you…

Become a master of nothing and then might you be free to be a master of everything without needing to be a master at all? 

Learn more by coming into a world where you ask to live with greater autonomy and freedom and mental clarity than ever before.

To live your life on your own terms.

To become your own guru while supporting others so they can be their own guru as well…

That is why you are here


That is why this site is dedicated to those who refuse to live on other’s terms, to those who refuse to forfeit their lives to other’s minds; this is for your liberation…

Let the experience be the learning, the action the reward.

You are the Guru.

Stay strong,

Champion of Every One…

And together I declare you as a CEO too, the Champion of Each Other…

A CEO of life’s adventures…

The Power of Win Win Win…

From The Depths
Emeric’s Brain
4th of June 2018
Sintra, Portugal

You can cheer everyone else on or you could choose to take advantage of other’s suffering.

You can be the inspiration of wonder or the drain of other’s energy.

The better way…

The better way to maintain a constant state of flow and energy lives in the winning mindset while wanting others to win as well. Even if that means beating your competitor in the game of business, or on the field of sports.

It’s an infinite cycle, an energetic geyser of wonder, the winning mindset.

Your joy gives joy.

Your success brings success and on and on and on.

It’s a game, life.

…metaphors to explore life as it is…

Who can you help win today?