It’s Me!

I will be concise.

That’s challenging for me, brevity.

We are nothing…

By this I mean, we are potential.

I sell one and only one product. { read below }

We are becoming more than we are being.

We are fundamentally more than we know.

I am nothing at my best. I want for nothing at my finest. I experience the truth when I know nothing.

Here are a few moments of being in time that I wish to share.

Without me, I am free. Ericeira Portugal, Los Angeles California, Sintra Portugal.

It’s Strange To Be Here Exploring With You…

You are a mystery to me but yet we are communicating in ways unknown to each of us.

There are 3 pages on this site including this one.

Why the simplicity, I will create and create and change things up, because it’s addicting to do so.

To protect my mind from creating the same thing, staying in the same circle, I have put constraints upon myself.

The three pages on this site are:

  1. About
  2. Home
  3. Word Travel To Awaken { A Place To Put Down Mostly Random Thoughts Online… }

I often fail to protect my mental space, my psychic space if you will, and because I often enjoy creating and changing things up, I have choosen to make a commitment to myself to place positive constraints to keep simplifying, to keep shedding away what isn’t helpful, to create more time and energy for that which is.

Simple beauty, the exquisite experience of existence free from constraints, by using constraints to create greater freedom.

To know thyself 😉

~ Em. D.

* I sell one and on only one product, this allows me to concentrate of serving my client, my coaching clients and I do this by being my own client.

The program is part of a larger landscape that I call the Guardian and The Guru, you are the guru in this picture.

The main program is called How To Get Everything You Want In A World That Doesn’t Want You To.

You can get all the details by visiting this page.