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I am a CEO

Champion of Every One…

And together I declare you as a CEO too, the Champion of Each Other…

CEO’s of life’s adventures.

You read that correctly.

I actually failed English 101 twice.

I was 18 and a mess of a writer.

How bad?

One of my papers was so poorly written it became the example of how not to write.

You know that essay your teacher hands out to the classes for the rest of time, for the future to come.

That paper with the blotted out name.

The blot that is supposed to protect the unknowing author from being discovered.


A blot wasn’t able to disguise the content, content that…

Years later spoke so true to my story that years later, when an older sister decided to go to nursing school, an older sister who hadn’t gone to university, but was required to take English 101, to be put through the bore of core classes, just happened to have the same professor I had, who liked to hand out two papers on the first day of class, a well-written exposition on who knows what and a poorly-written one that was apparently carrying my genius.

This was 3 years later.

And even though my name was blocked out my sister instantly recognized the material as mine.

The professor confirmed her curiosity.

So there’s that… The example of what not to do!

University and I didn’t get along until a fateful event late in my long slow college life.

It was a philosophy professor, it was me taking care of one last core class as a Junior, after a number of transfers from school to school, a final hole in my curriculum filled.

Let’s just cut to it.

I was a lazy student, studying business and finance, and a murder of the english language. To, too, their, they’re, theirs, commas and colons, sentences running on for weeks…

And after I mutilated my first exam in philosophy 101 with a another stunningly well written performance, a stellar in class essay combined with a grotesque attempt at knowledge, the truth spoke.

Desperation required an adventure to the office of Professor Schroedinger.

He and I face to face, the test in hand with a red D- floating in the right hand corner.

He took one look at my essay asked me what year I was and then rightly balked at me. Oh the disgust, I can almost feel it to this day.

I have to believe he was simultaneously stunned and terrified that I could be a year away from graduating and still writing papers of such quality.

My ability to communicate with the written word was abysmal.

And he was the mirror reflecting back to me what I needed to see.

Acknowledging what you already know to be true, what you truly want to change, can be one of the most freeing moments of your life.

It was seminal for me.

A moment of truth, illuminated my existence forever…

He gave me the key to a new future.

It’s called practice with appropriate correction, with real support, and the willingness to make mistakes and then continue forward.

He invited any of his students to do a practice test which would look like the actual test. He’d grade the practice test and then you were on your own for the in class test.

B+ was my final grade in a class where all of the 4.0 students were getting crushed.


That moment transformed my life.

I changed degrees to English, to literature.

I went on to study Philosophy of Mind, to do a Psychology internship, all years after I graduated with a B.A. in English.

Literature… That too transformed my being.

But more than anything it was a love of learning that was welcomed into the world.

And it continues to live.

It’s a glorious life waiting for you to say yes, “come see me, I want you”.

That is the power of opening up to the adventure of learning what you truly wish and desire to learn.

It’s never too late.


Stay true,
Emeric Damian

P.S. Have you seen those people dying of boredom, sitting in front of the television, letting it all go as life dies.

It crushes me to see that and I bet it hurts you too.

I want you to come on the learning adventure with me, a quest so fulfilling your life will sing with wonder.

So much so your friends and family might think you’ve gone a little crazy. But who cares what others think.

This is your life not theirs.

Reply and come with me into the ever wonderful world of your choosing.

The Power of Win Win Win…

From The Depths
Emeric’s Brain
4th of June 2018
Sintra, Portugal

You can cheer everyone else on or you could choose to take advantage of other’s suffering.

You can be the inspiration of wonder or the drain of other’s energy.

The better way…

The better way to maintain a constant state of flow and energy lives in the winning mindset while wanting others to win as well. Even if that means beating your competitor in the game of business, or on the field of sports.

It’s an infinite cycle, an energetic geyser of wonder, the winning mindset.

Your joy gives joy.

Your success brings success and on and on and on.

It’s a game, life.

Well, ‘a game’ is another metaphor to explore life as it is.

Who can you help win today?

Love you,
Emeric Damian


The Guardian and The Guru is live and available for winners, for wild ones, for you if you are looking for more energy, greater joy, and even more success.

Everyone has an opinion.

Podcasts, blogs, videos, books, and access to a billion minds floating lost in the world…

These minds open and desperate to find a key to their challenges, these minds, listening to people speak as if the voice they hear are some how knowing.

And these voices that are speaking lack the humility or awareness to know what they don’t know.

And so they speak with a confidence that is false and faltering.

But to listen is to discover.

It’s in their language, the words they use to describe what they profess to know.

Listening is an art, a skill, an ability that if practiced and played with, will reveal the voices that lie.

I’m not talking about the news media, the movies, or the mainstream.

I’m talking about the people who have easy access to tools to spread their words, words not messages, words that in one context create a pretend authority and expertise, a knowing which isn’t true.

In other words people lie and they lie knowingly and they lie unconsciously.

And they do it all of the time.

You must listen.


Listen well…

And then listen some more…

And again, don’t listen to me, listen to your own experience to know if it is so.

And if you “Think” than you don’t know. ( I think… )

Click Play…

Come with me for a moment.

Out for a walk,
under the mysterious sky,
the castles close by and
a message
for you.

Thank you for being here, but I need some clarity…

I answer all my emails.



You know I want the best for you, for you to live your genius, your wonder, your wildness… Everything I share, moves in that direction, the expression of the existence called you.

Hugs and love…



It was that last year in proper University, the time before I started slipping into performances to watch professors profess, before I was taking my desire’s desires to heart.

It was for the sake of learning alone.

We are talking my 7th year in university and a class that was one of many beautiful terrors, the terror of beauty.

I can’t explain my struggle with Charles Baudelaire at this moment, but let’s say a French name to my naive glottal was lost and the resulting articulation was one for embarrassment to all who listened, particularly the professor, who corrected me thrice.

And while the Le Fleur du mal transformed my life, the moment I want to tip with you is Walter’s ways with the Aesthetic Movement…

Walter Pater…

I have never experience sentences of your kind.

And that was it.

The exploration of art for art’s sake, and then to find a sentence that kept turning my mind, wanting me to read it over and over and over, was unbelievable to my virginy mind.

A thousand blushes of naivety.

And this one book explained myself to me with words that I hadn’t yet discovered to put upon my own experience.

It had been my experience that being is it, being for the sake of being, being without having to be anything other than the beauty that is life.

And you are life. I am life. We are in existence, and beauty matters to me.

Everything Becomes A Blessing Upon Beauty, Upon Existence, And Life, Art Itself…

If your life is simply your art, than you experience things in a different way than most.

Every moment, when you are awake to it, becomes a part of your story, of your paintings, of your words.

And that only comes after the experience.

To have the experience, adn then turn the translation for others, well that is the art of sharing.

Art of a being is circular.

It lives like this, live and be, create and translate those experiences as you might, share or give away to others to ingest as they will.

And it becomes a kind of circular sensation.

Creating for pleasure…

There are transitional moments in all of it, in places that gifts you the opportunity to feel and emote, to experience and twist life all upon your body and mind.

It’s an excuse perhaps…

An excuse to fondle life completely…

But if you are the tongue and the taste, and the taster, you must believe that nothing turns on another like sharing the kiss.

We will speak more about this soon…

What of that sentence? The Sentence That Many Know…

18 years ago, I didn’t know its popularity, but like a taste of wonder, most who know, know…

But I no longer have the book, which I gave to a friend some time ago, but there is a quote not the one I wish to share, but one that speaks to so many, “To burn always with this hard gemlike flame, to maintain this ecstasy, is success in life.

Who wouldn’t be attracted to such potential.

Hugs and love,
Emeric Damian


Follow along on this adventures and more importantly share your own if you are so inclined.

The two mentioned:

  • The Renaissance: Studies in Art and Poetry by Walter Pater
  • Le Fleur du mal, by Charles Baudelaire

And hello my love,

It’s always a pleasure to be here with you for a few moments, to share an experience, an unfolding of the existence that we are sharing with each other.

There is nothing in our lives that keeps us from moving together, traveling together to exist upon the mystery.

So we play and we travel adn we don’t stop, we keep running into the explorations.

Here I am in this moment, a motorcycle and an open country.

And in all of that beauty waiting for a taste of the living death. You know that sensation that asks you to acknowledge a whisper of hesitation, a slight of fear, a way of being the excites, even though it potentially torments.

And so here we are in that space, walking, running, riding and otherwise lying entwined in the universe.

Of course I said yes!

Wouldn’t you, I hope it’s true, that way we can dance and play and enjoy our days…

Love you and talk to you soon,
Emeric Damian


Share this for me if you will, because, well you already know why. Hugs for days…

The Ticket That Took Me There!

I’d love to buy you original art work from Portugal, delivered to your door where ever you are…

But why Portugal? They always ask.

It all started on a whim.

Almost two years ago, at 3 am in the morning after a night of too many innocuous cocktails, the kind that are crafted and poured over the appropriate sized square of ice, in the properly sized glass, a life was about to be turned upon adventure.

I decided to trade one life for another.

[click to continue…]

Watching the waves move the January sunshine, the distance pulls the mind into the infinite.

Somewhere in the world another soul speaks truth.

And we all dance in ways that no one can quite understand.

And at moments of grace, friends show their strength, the pleasure of knowing the ingenious wonder of creation.

We often don’t see what we are creating, particularly while we are in the creation, but from the outside, it becomes clear.

Dreams, visions, ideals, the ephemeral lives in the context of the viewer.

You see things.

You see things in others, in yourself, in the world.

The things you see others often don’t.

Why might that be?

Because you choose to see.

It’s that simple.

Ana Santos, all around amazing, the owner and creator of The Fisherman’s Hostel, a place that has touched and inspired more lives than one can imagine and in such a short period. What was today’s adventure, 2018 creative expressions.

To let ourselves be inspired by each other’s adventures and journeys, and to be supportive of those expressions whether they work out as imagined or not, is a beautiful way to live life.

I choose to see your genius, your creative expression.

Most people will if, you are at peace if they do not.

And then it doesn’t matter, because those who will, will and those who don’t, don’t.

Besides, you are now living in a different reality, a re-imagining of what is possible for you.

Hugs, love, and to the wonder of seeing,
Emeric Damian

Time your time…

Check out my radio station on Anchor and help me climb to the top of the charts! https://anchor.fm/emeric-damian?at=2428828

Part of the journey of the exploration in the process of creation has to do to a great extent with time itself.

What is being shared here just the possibility to reconstruct reality as you desire it.

What of time?

What is possible when you reconstruct time to work in your favor as opposed to appear to work as a stress mechanism?

I want you to take time apart for yourself and understand it in ways that you might not have ever understood it.

Ciao for now!