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For Friend’s of Emeric…

May I come inside,” echoed a voice from within, a whispering request.

These deeply personal and yet irreverent words, are written and created to share with you for whatever reason that may be, for whatever reason you may find yourself here.

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So, where do you begin?

At the beginning!

No never, you see, you want to throw your characters into a mire, into a situation, that will force you to get creative to find a way through.

It’s kind of like your life.

You drop yourself into situations all the time, situations of a thousand kinds, and then ponder, “What is this madness that I call my life; what do you want with me, from me, to do to me. What shall I do now?”

You are going to join the newsletter. It is the only way, as you must first enter if you wish to ever return. … and if you are uncertain, so be it.

Life is built on uncertainty.

Your willingness to live well with uncertainty, is certainly a turn on. And turned on, you are.


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