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For Friends of Emeric…

Dear Friend,

Life is absurd.

Life is full of suffering and confusion.

It’s ugly and messy.

It’s beautiful and enchanting.

It’s everything that you don’t want it to be and more.


You are here and that is the gift. 

Of course, you will throw all that away because you are a deluded, confused, lonely and misunderstood human being. 

You are and you know it. 

Everyone is. 

Isn’t that great!

And that is why I want to talk with you about the time I might have been abducted by aliens in 1979 when I was 5 years old. 

It’s why I want to talk with you about falling off escalators when I was 3, falling, falling, falling, 20 feet to the ground, a fat ball of bouncy baby.

It’s why I want to share with you the time that 3 Japanese women tried to throw me off the side of the Grand Canyon when I was 8 years old. 

I have so much to share with you. 

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But be warned, you will miss out on everything magnificent, ridiculous, and beautiful.

So, where do you begin?

At the beginning!

No never, you see, you want to throw your characters into a mire, into a situation, a mess, that will force you to get creative to find a way through.

It’s kind of like your life.

You drop yourself into situations all the time, situations of a thousand kinds, and then ponder, “What is this madness that I call my life; what do you want with me, from me, to do to me. What shall I do now?”

You are going to join the newsletter. It is the only way, as you must first enter if you wish to ever return. … and if you are uncertain, so be it.

Life is built on uncertainty.

Your willingness to live well with uncertainty, is the way forward. 

Stay curious, stay sexy, stay beautiful, stay as you wish because you will be going sooner than you know.

Dedicated to bringing you more joy, ease, and beauty in life,


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I understand, because they are absurd, confusing, ridiculous and often a waste of time. You should be more discerning in who you choose to spend your time with, particularly when you are alone.