If you were to look at the world…

If you were to look at the world in a way of challenges, or problems to be solved, I’d say there are only a few to attend to:

  1. A clean environment ( water, food, and oxygen )
  2. Safety and Security
  3. Health Care
  4. Housing or a place to live, even if the preferred home is a tent, or a cave.
  5. The Ending of Suffering as much as possible.

I would simply be the steward of the earth and the animals and love and light. And I’d surf, run, and live in nature and naked with the earth.

My days would simply be about the creation and play in that world, as it has been, but even more.


Bright lines are you hydrated did you drink…

Bright lines:

  • are you hydrated, did you drink way too much water with a tich of sea salt
  • did you move stretch and so forth.
  • did you add to this.

Just walk to the spring water and fill up during your breaks, 4 or 5 times a day while you are here. You’ll see yourself heal.

*What’s exciting and scaring you right now?

Thinking about everything I’ve learned quickly and with…

Thinking about everything I’ve learned, quickly and with ease, and how it came to me, has me on a quest of sorts, because there have been times that I have instantaneously taken in something new, both data and physical ability, and then was able to express it almost right away.

How is that so?
What happened there?

Also, what has hindered my learning the most? Thoughts, lack of feedback, of positive feedback to put me where I needed to be.

I’m developing a model, I can transfer to anyone and to anything.

Mission Mindset.

I am a learner exceptional, and masterful at teaching.

Here’s my theory theory Time + correction adaptation…

Here’s my theory theory: Time + correction/adaptation/adjustment + time + FEEDBACK ( over and over )…

This leads to a faster, more effortless, learning as well as teaching method for anything.

Also: The One Thing, correct one thing that has been going wrong and the entire entity changes.

i.e. Right front foot skateboarding balance. The Front Foot I’ve discovered is the key to all of sports movements; it’s a springboard of sorts, of continual feedback. ( more examples coming. )

Feedback IMPORTANT… Everything is feedback, life itself is a system of continual Feedback… I may come up with a new name for it.

FK = or could be: Mentor, coach, teacher, video, audio, pen paper, photos, metrics, graphs, balance, audience….

Environment is the accelerant, faster or slower, depending on the environment. Assign a Design, for a Time to the environment, to create what you have on your mind.

Language learning: My hypothesis is we can cut the time down tremendously, by speaking your NATIVE language into a microphone, the computer program speaks it back in your own voice with the proper sounds for the language being acquired. In other words you are hearing your own voice sounding the language instantaneously to you. Instant feedback…

This infinite loop, of practice, correction, practice, correction, goes on.

Speaking of Learning: AI will be more successful if the robots are you speaking to you as opposed to Emily Blunt, which would be fun too.
In other words, we are more comfortable with ourselves than anyone else, and thus we trust ourselves before we trust others.

If we take my mind or your mind and reflect it back to you, it already has a built in familiarity and warmth and connection. It’s my hypothesis.

FOCUS & DIFUSE applied to my formula above is the fastest path to Learning and Teaching anything.

VISUALIZATION! I find this to be important for my self, for my kind of learning. In fact it’s something that I have not given much thought to, even though it’s been key in some of my fastest assimilation.

“Highlighting is not enough. Look at the passage then look away from the page and see it,” paraphrased from the Oakley talk below. This has been my experience as well.