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Emeric Damian : In Simplicity : In The Unknown

What do you want to know for yourself that people have said is so?

What are you super skeptical about also curious to experience if it’s true or not?

SKEPTICISM is a necessity…

Come see for your self!

What would it look like if you spent a few days in being and in creating while experiencing the quest and adventure that you would go on to live as you sense and know, a path of awakening, of waking up, of living from the place where everything is perfect as it is, clear and lucid, magnificent and easy in it’s way?

It’s like creating your own creation. Constructing your own brain and body using your mind, connecting to the field that you are existing from so as to experience what wishes to be known…

I wonder if perhaps we will have to train our minds to know when it’s us and not them/us, as in the microchips, or the control of the subconscious?

It could be that the only to protect our minds is to actually discover that we are beign lived and we are along for the ride(s) and it is only after have trained to ourselves to know ourselves, might we be free more so than not, even though there may never be such a thing as freedom 100%.

The revolution of this conversation has already been going on and it is only going to become more and more real as we advance with all our technology and what not.

But the technology we don’t see is the non-tech before us that is us.

It’s the awakening.

I see it as a Lucid Mindset. We jack your mind so you can train to delineate between you and the denatured you, so that when they come if they do, you will be able to know who you actually are.

That’s a twist of the mind isn’t it.

You know…

####You Know…

and that is the truth that all knowing is known by you and anything you ever learn or come to know will only be because you know.

What a beautiful circuitous truth about you and your experience.

It’s terrifying and freeing to live your knowing.

And in this moment it’s part of you and your knowing.

There is a knowing that is confused and uncertain, not sure what to do, knowing that the truth is what it is. It’s all a mess and beautifully so.

And you live with it.

To be in this body and to be confused by it and the spiritual knowing.

You are amazing like this.

How do you live this way, what does it mean to live as the light, it’s what the real is.

It’s so true but the way to show one I don’t know.

I’m a mystical skeptic…


I can’t speak to what people believe to be what things seem to be, as people are silly about these things. I have no time for this, even from myself.

Where the argument falls with ai for example is that we keep asking ourselves if we can create life? But that is the wrong question, as no one has done that and may never be able to, but the more correct question is can we copy life.

Here’s why.

My parent’s didn’t make me. Their organism made me. I am a replication of sorts, not a thing that was made.

You see this is different.

Can we copy ourselves? Yes we can and we do in ways.

But copying based off of ourselves is what we are doing more than creating life from non-life.