On Knowing Nothing Quite Yet.

Knowing nothing…

Knowing something else as well, I just don’t know what it is yet.


It takes time.

There is no time, so do what you will with it.

My will weakens, still I try.

And again,

Awaken as you do, as you are, as you must.

I will…

Will isn’t — you are — that’s it as you said.

~ Emeric Damian

On Everything & Nothing.

The truth as much as I can know, ‘I am an expression, an expression that comes from the mystery echo, an inner knowing and a reflection of the experience of experience itself’.

I call it mythic grace, the guidance as a way of being, living within its beauty, within its mess.

The mystery echo fills me with a sense of myself as all.

And as I listen and live with the idea of mythic grace the experience of life becomes the experience of existence.

The grace of chaos, no desire to transform, thought incessantly changing…

What am I to do, being torn between these two hiding the one.

Embrace it as best I can and so it is.

Emeric Damian

p.s. You may be wondering, “what in the world does this being do? how does he live? and the quiet question that everyone secretly wishes to ask, how do you make money so you can live as you do?”

p.p.s. I love people and that is my work and my joy. And I help them get free of their suffering while transforming their relationship with existence.