The Bazillion Minds Arrogant Dream Manifesto

The Bazillion Million Minds Arrogant Dream Manifesto: a simple calling to let your dreams be spoken out loud and realized in a world that wants something else of you.

A Calling To Your Truth…

  • You are an arrogant ass for not letting your self be the incredible dream that you are.
  • You are an arrogant ass for letting others tell you, your dreams are meaningless and impractical.
  • You are an arrogant ass if you don’t stand up for yourself even if no-one else does.

Stop being an ass and embrace your arrogance.

Have the audacity to be willing to be so arrogant that you turn yourself on.

[So you know, I am going to ask for your assistance, at the end of this manifesto. I’m arrogant enough to believe that with your assistance, and by creating and sharing powerful honest truths, I can get 10 million people to read and share this document. And I’m arrogant enough to believe that you will find it to be so true, that at the end of this document you will buy me a coffee as a way to say thank you, and as a way to connect with me, because I want to connect with you.]

What’s life like when you stop being an ass and embrace your arrogance to be the one person in your life that believes in yourself, the one person that expands your dreams beyond where they stand at this moment.

What does it feel like to be so arrogant and compassionate that you allow yourself to have the audacity to speak it and be it?

Yes, let’s get into it right away. Speaking our dreams, going after our dreams, realizing our dreams is perhaps the great taboo of our time.

[ Colored box like Alchure My Dream: Expert On Your Self a Difficult But True Path For Living Your Truth: ]

And for those who think they’re speaking their dream or going after their dream, I bet you you’re not dreaming big enough for what you are capable of.

Clouds gather,

The sky hides,

Nothing seen,

And then the light,

It is you…

In fact I know you’re not, because everyone does it.  Not only that, you are most likely dreaming about your dream and have been doing so for so long that you actually aren’t doing the dream you desire.

But so what…

Who cares right…

I care and here’s why.

Because I don’t want to be surrounded by people who continually kill other people’s dreams.

I don’t want to be surrounded anymore people who are full of judgement, people who get off on trying to smother other’s dreams.

And I want to be surrounded by excited human beings who are slightly crazy and willing to embrace their arrogance, their creative power, and their innate perfection.

Write this in two ways, my literary and my more to the point inspiratory version and then give it to the people,

Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetic… Make it beautiful in it’s succinct form.

The silent war we surrender to…

What and Why:

There’s a battle being waged for your attention, and who ever has your attention, whether you like it or not, has control of you for the moment.

The majority of the population is a sleep to their potential and thus to the realization of their dreams. They’re afraid and frozen in their insecurity.

This manifesto is designed for two purposes, to inspire you and to call for you to become the expert on you.

That’s it.

With these two things you have the power and path to an empowered mindset, to exceptional thinking, and to being free to create and be in the world as you wish.

This is pragmatic and useful and a necessity.

Let’s see how tricky this actually is.

1. There’s a world that is inspiring you for a purpose, which you’ll have to decide is worthy and valuable for you or not.

How do you want to be inspired and for what do you want your inspiration to do?

Have you asked yourself this question before what do you want to be inspired toward and who or what is inspiring you in ways you aren’t actually aware of?

2. Dream a Bigger Dream and Allow Yourself To Go For It… But…

This is where this document becomes a manifesto as opposed to another text, this is where the message matters.

You must become an expert on yourself. You must become your own guru. You must develop your self awareness and your ability to attend as you desire on whatever that might be.

Why The Arrogant Manifesto?

My Vision Is To Get 10 Million People to Download, Read, & Come Into Contact With It The Fire Within.

Additional Call To Action:

Simply ask… I’d like to ask you a favor, share this document, and if you are moved to do so, I’d like to exchange a program I created for my clients for a cup of coffee and a picture of you.

My dream is to get to know and connect with millions of people, to inspire them and to be surrounded by inspiring miraculous creators, those who see the truth of the struggle to create and live beautiful lives, those who know the importance of making their life a beautiful exploration for themselves.

{ Liberation and freedom from all our constraints, constructs, and false beliefs }

(  You can finish this today… Turn off everything else and do this. )

Make it fun, make it a game… 24 minute bursts.

Record the audio tracks, Write The Document,

Is this a challenge, is it difficult, will you have to work? Duh… says the man’s shirt, duh I read out loud as I read his shirt.

I’m given to simple words that speak truths, Duh, Rad, etc..

The simple and complex, the paradox of our existence, to feel one way and moments later another, to be pulled one direction and then pulled another, always this tension, always a kind of pressure in life, a beautiful dance.

And so we can go on together contemplating and discussing the nature of reality, of our own individual circumstances and perspectives on life, and we can spend eons spinning around particular ideas that matter more or less to one or more of us.

Yet, I’m afraid we wouldn’t get anywhere, not as you and I desire to experience, and here’s why, you are you, I am me, and they are them, each with our own confused motivations, each with our own desires to live a life as we desire to live, even if we’re uncertain what that might look like.

So I have very little advice for you except for the advice to be your own expert and in that, I believe you will live your greatest life, as we support each other to make that happen, for each individual, and each individual for all.

Here’s to you living and expressing your arrogant dream, for being unrelenting in the face of a world, which tacitly or not, tries to squash the dreams of others.

It’s up to you to own this for yourself, to own your choice to stand up for your dreams, and then to find it within you to share it with yourself and those who will support you.


P.s. Will you assist me in creating this dream of having more people going after their dreams, by sharing this truth.

P.p.s. My emotions often win, sleep often prevails, and yet moving forward even in stillness is the only way.

“Lies will flow from my lips…” V.W.

“The only advice, indeed, one person can give to another about reading is to take no advice, to follow your own instincts, to use your own reason, to come to your own conclusion.” V.W. How should one read a book

Childhood truths that I’ll leave you with for the moment:

“You’re not the boss of me,” words that you have probably spoken at one time or another.


“Because I said so,” parent…

Always an unsatisfactory answer…

Finally, because I can go on forever…

Context matters and your life is a context of its own kind, for you to explore, and for no one else to completely understand.

If you come along on this journey with me, I will promise you that I will share insights and knowledge that is created to delight and twist your mind in magnificent ways.

Here’s to your beautiful Arrogance and the expression and creation of your life,