AR is overrated and beyond excitement of it’s…

AR is overrated and beyond excitement of it’s truth.

There is no AR in being as you are. Augmented Reality beyond the biology of awareness, is meaningless other than as tool to enslave you.

This means that you intrinsically are living in an augmented reality. It’s the natural state of being, phenomena coming through your perceptions and to be more accurate your conceptions.

But once you see that, if you can, then you will realize that technology is not that big of a deal, not as we build it up to be, not as we sell it to ourselves as.

But everyone wishes for it to be something that it’s not, you slave monkey.

Try and survive without it?

I do and you do everyday for the majority of your day, for your entire day.

It’s not needed. It’s wanted.

I will take you further into this if you wish.