Who Might You Be When You Are With Me…

Perhaps you have no idea what is going on here. Emeric Damian, that is not me, though it is a name I know, and also the person who has written these words, who has put this together for you, so that you have the simplest, if not briefest understanding of what it is I do and why you might want to be in conversation with me, and ‘me’ includes any of my work.

If it speaks to you then message me, because I would like to work with you.

If it doesn’t…

Do as you wish, either way is perfectly fine with me and perhaps perfectly fine with you too.

What you don’t know is what’s in it for you.


That’s also a strange place to play, because all that is on offer is everything.

Your relationship to reality, to others, to yourself, is perhaps the most underappreciated and most ignored area of your life.

Yet, it is everything.

Offer Number One

Let me take a moment to share with you what it is that I do.

It’s a common question that people ask me and it’s a challenging question for me to answer, simply because my work always involves an individual, whether that is you or another.

The individual has their own desires, challenges, and unique set of contextual stories.

You are not anyone else, though you may be like others, you are still you.

It can’t be any other way.

That is one way of me saying, I have no idea if I can be of assistance to you, and in truth, no one else does either.

If the person in conversation with me happens to be you, then you are the one interpreting all of your intricacies and experiences.

It would be foolish to try to place you in a template, in a framework, in a conversation that doesn’t belong to you.

You show up as you are and together we have a conversation about you and your life and what you want from your life, what you want to create, with your life.

That’s all I am going to say to that at this time.

The other question I often get is a logistical question : How does it work?

What people often mean by that, is how much does it cost.

That depends, but the range of prices have been between 1,370 to 37,000 and up…

Rarely do I do a one off session.

But it has happened at the request of a few.

Time frames vary, from 1 month to a year or more.

It depends…

What’s in the highest service to you?

We may work by phone, email, and sometimes in person.

We will speak once a week or once a month, again it depends on what’s best for both of us.

  • Payment is all up front.
  • There are no refunds.

I have no guarantees, no promises, but I do protect your investment right away up front, in the beginning of our work.

It’s to be experienced but there is a guarantee but it’s not mine.


I don’t take on new clients without having a pro-bono conversation, to make sure we are a good fit for each other.

It’s not a test, but it functions as a protective mechanism for me and for you.

That’s all I will share for now.

You are here reading these words for a reason.

If it speaks to you, ask for a conversation.

It’s the only way to know if this is a wise choice for you or not.

Personally I have found, for the person who sincerely wants something different or wants an answer to challenging questions, it is a wise choice.

For those who are looking for a feel good pill free of change…

You already know how that goes and it’s usually not good for them.


You will feel better.

It just happens that way.

Possiblity number two, “The Second Offering“..

Most people aren’t going to want to work with me one on one for a number of reasons,

For them, as well as my one one one clients, I also offer them the one and only program I have at this time.

Let me present to you…

The Guardian and The Guru. Sometimes, known as “How To Get Everything You Want In A World That Seems Like It Doesn’t Want You To“…

You are the guru, in this coupling…

What a fabulous title, don’t you think.

This is an audio, text, and email course that is also part of a monthly membership.

It’s my primary public access point that I have on offer.

It is exactly about what the title says.


Like my one on one work, there are a few things that you should know and I will list them here for you.

But before I do.

Know this. I am not like others and I path my own path in a pathless land.

I play in my own way by my own rules and most often, I do so alone in service to the awe and beauty of being.

I will explain more later on, inside the estuary of experience.

Please read these words all the way through before you transfer your money my way.

If you don’t value what is, you won’t get value out of what is.


First, a few warnings, hazards, and potentially off putting ideas, just to make sure you understand the rules of the game that I have created.

Speaking of games and rules, it’s one of the modules that are mandatory for you to read and listen to.

If you ignore this section then you will be confused and lost.

You will have access to that module immediately when you join and truth be told, if you take this part seriously it will transform the way you see reality.

Here are a few agreements and requirements, that will be helpful to you if you choose to come on board.

One, I share a lot of what might appear to be irrelevant content.

  • I go on tangents.
  • I share at random times, sometimes a lot of content, sometimes not so much.
  • I can be challenging to get a hold of, by design.
  • I rarely do one on one work, but you’d never know unless you ask. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Two, Everything I share is primarily aimed at living a more beautiful and gorgeous life, free on your own terms, as you desire to live.

But, I do this in my way, a way that has been very helpful for many, but it is my way and I am a benevolent dictator.

Three, I don’t do refunds, ever, you have to choose to be all in on the choice or not.

I do this with my one on one clients and I am holding you to that as well. You need to get off the fence.

Indecision fatigue is a real thing.

My one on one clients love these rules as well, zero refunds, all payments up front unless otherwise stated. it creates clarity and understanding.

It’s powerful.

And I suggest you do the same for yourself.

Four, I change up the game all of the time as it’s important to me to keep my mind fresh and interested.

So you may find content contemplating, theories of mind, the nature of consciousness, infinite and limitless potential, as well poetry and pictures.

You may also hear stories about more personal experiences such as the time I fell in love with the real Wonder Woman, the original, when we met in a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Five, You will be challenged to expand your way of thinking and living.

You will be asked to do better, to be better, to find greater levels of love and appreciation for yourself and thus for others.

And you will not be told what the above sentence means. In fact, it may be a bunch of nonsense, but then again, it may be the very experience you need most.

Six, I am mostly and almost solely interested in creating a more beautiful world, and that lives in who I am and who I am being as well as in what I am creating.

If you are not interested in that, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Nonetheless, I will restate it here, because it’s important to me.

The world has been stripped of much of its beauty and it continues to happen.

It shows up in people’s behavior, in their desires, in the things they create or don’t create. It shows up in the buildings, the architecture of the cities and such. It shows up in our movies and music and in the places we spend money.

We can feed the beast of ugliness or the beast of beauty. This is not about being perfect, far from it.

It’s about cultivating an awareness toward that which feeds the spirit and doing more of that.

Seven, Sometimes I can go to woo woo places.

If you join me in any form, know that you will be partaking in potentially mystical ways of being and seeing. I am a master of nothing and that perhaps is my greatest strength.

I won’t say more as it must speak for itself.

Eight, You are incredibly powerful and capable of magnificent feats.

And whatever you choose as your way, I can and only will see you as such, a powerful force of nature, because that is actually your truest state of being, even if you don’t recognize it.

Nine, I am a professional dreamer and a master of being, you will experience that for yourself as I am also going to ask you to start or to continue to fantasize and dream.

In fact, I will ask you to take time out of your day to participate in your own imagination.

It’s incredibly important to your well being and thus the well being of all around you.

By this point you should have a good idea about how I play in the world.

But what you don’t know is what’s in it for you.


That’s also a strange place to play, because all that is on offer is anytihng and everything.

Your relationship to reality, to others, to yourself, is perhaps the most under appreciated and most ignored area of your life.

Yet, it is everything.

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