I Help People Figure out Their Sh** And Then Do Something About It…

I personally write and create everything that I share with you.

The goal is primarily to share more beauty, wonder, and word travel with you.

There’s something about me I want to share with you.

I can’t help myself but wish for everyone I meet to live their most wonderful life.

This is a real thing for me. If you were to say hello to me on the street, in a cafe, or at a park, I will without a doubt, want to know more about you and what it is you want to do with your life, or even that very moment.

Life is a miracle. You are a miracle.

I see it in you. I see it in myself, even though I lose sight of it too. Actually, it’s often easier for me to see it in you than myself.

But that’s okay as well.

For many, what I believe, and the way I live may appear ridiculous at best.

And it is.

But for good reason which you will soon come to understand and use for your own benefit if you have not already.


The journey you choose to go on, will be a thousand life times more exciting than living a life that’s not yours.

I have one wish for you, no matter where you are in your life, you must remember, “you are the miracle of life being lived“.

Before you leave…

Let’s see if I can transform your life for the better right now within this next minute.

These 3 Points Of View Will Give You Clarity And Command Of Your Life.

In the story of your life there are only ever three perspectives that can be had.

You will learn more about these as you delve deeper into my world.

What I am going to say, will sound extremely basic and simple. It is designed to be so.

You will hear me bring this up quite often as you travel along the world I have created.

The three perspectives are:

  1. The person experiencing.
  2. The experience itself.
  3. The object (thing) being experienced.

Let’s drop you in the middle of the play.


Are having…

An experience…

Of someone or some thing even if that someone is your self.

It’s important to understand this so once again, we have :

  • The experiencer ( you ),
  • The experience,
  • And that which is being experienced.

So much of your life unfolds right there in those three perspectives.

It’s the way we know the world.

It’s also a reminder that there’s a human being having an experience.

Too often our world will transform you into a number, into data, into a block of amorphous organic matter.

I never want to let that happen to you while you are in my world.

And I am going to guide you the best I can to use that knowledge to getting everything you want from life.

Here’s a challenge.

Take the perspective I shared with you into the world and observe people while asking the question, who is experiencing whom and what is the experience being had.

Inside, I will show you how to power up your command of life using this knowledge.

~ Emeric

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