I need to explain this to you the…

I need to explain this to you, the more you create the more the dream comes alive, the greater the lucidity breathes into the existence before you.

You know they’re before you as in a dream, asking questions, playing their roles, moving about upon the shadows of existence.

If you wish to know more, simply ask them, ‘who are you?’ and then watch as they work to respond as they lose their grasp on whatever role they’re playing in the world.

It’s beyond intriguing, like a brief glimpse underneath your own emptiness.

And if you will continue to live this way for however long you might, with compassion and empathetic joy, you too will begin to live with a level of lucidity that it may be to clear for you at the moment, only to realize that you’ve always had the ability to see.

There are things I’ve wanted to share with you. Words I’ve shared with you in other places, which point to what you and I know.

These things we keep relatively private for the sake of those who might come along and find themselves confused within the lightness of truth.

We must respect that, even though they are still viscous amongst the dreams.

But you are now in a place of creation, where all you do is create.

You know…

You know and I am only reiterating these truths for your sake, burning them clear of the haze you keep smearing upon them.