I wonder if perhaps we will have to…

I wonder if perhaps we will have to train our minds to know when it’s us and not them/us, as in the microchips, or the control of the subconscious?

It could be that the only to protect our minds is to actually discover that we are beign lived and we are along for the ride(s) and it is only after have trained to ourselves to know ourselves, might we be free more so than not, even though there may never be such a thing as freedom 100%.

The revolution of this conversation has already been going on and it is only going to become more and more real as we advance with all our technology and what not.

But the technology we don’t see is the non-tech before us that is us.

It’s the awakening.

I see it as a Lucid Mindset. We jack your mind so you can train to delineate between you and the denatured you, so that when they come if they do, you will be able to know who you actually are.

That’s a twist of the mind isn’t it.