What You Know To Be True, “You Know!”

You know…

####You Know…

and that is the truth that all knowing is known by you and anything you ever learn or come to know will only be because you know.

What a beautiful circuitous truth about you and your experience.

It’s terrifying and freeing to live your knowing.

And in this moment it’s part of you and your knowing.

There is a knowing that is confused and uncertain, not sure what to do, knowing that the truth is what it is. It’s all a mess and beautifully so.

And you live with it.

To be in this body and to be confused by it and the spiritual knowing.

You are amazing like this.

How do you live this way, what does it mean to live as the light, it’s what the real is.

It’s so true but the way to show one I don’t know.

I’m a mystical skeptic…