Your Relationships Are A Mess! 
And It’s All Your Fault.
Isn’t That Great?

I Present to You LOVE CHEESE & The Relationship ROMP… Pure Pleasure Wrapped In Wonder & Delivered Via Email Directly To Your HEART & BRAIN…

My way of conversation is not for everyone. In fact most people get frustrated with me because I don’t tell them how to think or what to do, and I will never give them advice about their relationships to anything.” 

Emeric Damian Trouble Maker Of Love And Master Of Making Sense In A World That Feels Senseless… A Man Who Knows, “I Don’t Know” Is Powerful & Freeing Once You Know.

Dear Friend,

If you want the rare ability to have incredible relationships with all of life, especially with people you love, then this might be for you. 

Here’s the deal

I’ve created an email audio program called:

The Relationship Romp & Love Cheese.

However, it’s very intimate, private, and expensive.

And It’s definitely not for people with closed hearts and minds, who refuse to think for themselves and blame the world for their problems.

Here’s what I mean

…Relationships are difficult, messy, and often cause a lot of suffering and they don’t have to, but they will because you are human.

It’s our desire to get away from the suffering and confusion that causes more suffering. Let’s talk about that… 

The Relationship Romp and Love Cheese”, is an online email and audio program

You can find out more by filling in the form below.

Do You Break Your Own Heart Too?

Hi, I am Emeric Damian and I don’t know anything about you and your relationships, your hardships, your past nor your future.

An Innocent Child ( that’s me ) About To Be Shocked By Reality… I’ll share more in the private program.

I don’t know if you are happy, sad, frustrated, bored, turned on, and in love with life


I do know that you are in a relationship.

I know that you are a master of relating because you have a lifetime of relating as well.

That means you are a professional in screwing up relationships.

Isn’t it so?

“It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

And Here’s Why.”

Everyone has ideas about how relationships should be, how they should go, who should be with who, and who should leave who. Everyone seems to regard their opinion about relationships as if they have some expertise in the matter.

That is why we screw up relationships all the time.


We are know-it-alls.

We want to believe our opinions about everything are correct, but they aren’t.

I don’t know what is a good or bad opinion, a good or bad relationship, a proper healthy relationship, or a right relationship.

But guess what

No one does.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

For now, know this.

I am going to ask you, once you join, to send me a message.

I am going to ask you to do something very specific, very private, and very personal.

And I am going to guard your response close to my heart and with confidentiality.

But only if you are willing.

It will make sense soon.

Please note…

You are taking a risk being here with me.

You are going to join a program that is completely made up of my experience, which is composed of 40+ years of watching, observing, conversing, questioning, and helping others understand something deeply moving about themselves.

But first, I want to share something with you. 

It’s an audio recording and I believe it will be valuable for you, at least other’s have told it me it was powerful for them.

It’s free and there is a reason for it, which I will share in the paid program. 

Dedicated to bringing you more joy, ease, and peace of mind.

Emeric Damian



Because Now Is The Time To…

“Stop Trying So Hard And Live Your Life!” 

Wouldn’t that be a relief?

Now I can’t say for sure you will have that experience, but you know better than anyone how good it feels to not give a hoot about all crap people pretend is important, but that no one really cares about when it comes down to it.

And you know the person who puts more rocks in your backpack sack than any other person is you. Isn’t that terribly true?

Everyone does it, but that isn’t a good excuse any more.

It’s time to let go of all you have been carrying around. It’s time to have a shift in perspective.

I’ll ask again, “Wouldn’t that be a relief if…”

You Find Yourself Not Being Bothered By Others Stupidity and Rudeness. 

You Realize That You Are More Loveable Than You’ve Ever Imagined.

You find that you start having more fun interacting with other people.

Other People Won’t Be Able To Manipulate You. 

You Feel Complete In Yourself. 

You find you no longer feel like you NEED someone but that you WANT to be with someone. 

Life may feel more of everything while not being overwhelmed by any of it. 

You will learn that it’s part of being human to dominate or be dominated by another person and that it is okay and natural but…

You will come to understand your role in all of it.

Other people will respect you more once you begin to do these things, not that you are attached to their respect, nonetheless…

You will discover quickly that no one has the answers nor knows what is truly best for you and that this is important. However… You might not either and that is okay.  

You will be challenged to ask questions, to take a stand for yourself, to demand more for yourself and from yourself and to do so while being free of negative and toxic judgment but you will use judgment as a strength. 

You know those arguments and fights you get in, those fights over stupid things that don’t matter to you but you somehow find yourself in with other people, well now you’ll know why you do that and what to do about it. 

This program is not the answer to your problems, your struggles, your life. Wouldn’t that be nice if it was that simple. Then again it very well may be. 

You will have to find out for yourself how powerful and transforming it can be when you begin to ask what’s my role here. 

You will come to understand that you aren’t a pushover and no one can use you unless of course, you want to be used, and some people do. 

You will explore setting boundaries and how that naturally occurs once you begin to do what is shared in module #7. 

You may come to realize you don’t need to be fixed.

And you are not here to save yourself. 

You are here…