Isn’t it curious to look at all these…

Isn’t it curious to look at all these people who are talking about AI, bio mimicry, new health tech, etc. ect. and they all look like people, out of shape, struggling human beings.

And now when you see this and yes it probably sounds judgmental to state this as so, but be here with me and listen to what it is I’m discussing.

Humans aren’t changing from what they were to what they are now to what they believe they may become.

They are completely delusional and distracting themselves from looking at themselves and transforming their lives by doing what is needed to do, and that is to go inward and to stop doing the things that they are trying to create solutions to.

Take another example, we are always trying to create new technologies to clean the environment, to clean our bodies, but never do we just stop polluting them in the first place.

Never do we, as a conscious community, simply say, lets just ban all plastics and come up with an alternative.

Well, we pose the idea, but we don’t really mean to do anything about any of it, and so, what we are really doing is creating drama of a kind, so that we have something of interest to do with our time and our lives.

And rarely do we find someone who speaks the truth about it all.

Everyone keeps playing along…

They are desperate to.

What else would they do if they were to acknowledge this truth?

People despise reality.

And so they give over their reality to the imagination of others.

In this way they go along with the madness.

This could shift humanity in a heartbeat if we can figure it out…

When we shift the way human’s perceive self preservation, I believe they will naturally change the way they live based off of their explicit motivations, motivations and fears they are taught or learn.

If you are safe, fed, and know there is a place for you in the world, more often than not, I believe you will begin to express a different potential.

The greed, the wars, the mass manipulations will shift and change.

I’m in the beginning mode of contemplating this…

But you already know that fear of being alive causes problems beyond our desires, as well as fear of dying due to inability to feed, clothe, and provide shelter and freedom from violence from without.

What can be controlled can be controlled, what can’t, can be designed for in its way.