The Relationship Romp

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1. Here’s What To Do Next!

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Dear Love,

I created an email and audio course that will help you improve your relationships with yourself and thus with other people. 

It’s particularly powerful for bringing greater peace and serenity to your life. 

If your have a relationship or many relationships that you are struggling with or wish they were better, it will help you.

Of course I can’t guarantee it. 

But there’s a good chance that you will learn something about yourself that will forever change the way you see yourself and everyone else. 

It’s short and simple. 

It’s clear and concise. 

You won’t be asked to stress yourself with 8,720 hours of audio and video or any filler to trick you into thinking it is something more than it is. 

This is a real, simple, but transformative conversation via text and audio that will be delivered once a week over 7 weeks through email. 

Your time commitment will be around 4 to 5 hours in total, that is only 25 minutes a week, including opening the email and listening to the audio. 

But, I think you will enjoy what I am sharing with you so much that you will start experimenting with it all of the time. 

In fact, I’m fairly certain that you will find yourself laughing out loud more often once you see in other people what I am going to share with you. 

Anyways, what is really important is this one thing and it is the primary thing I wish for you to experience and that is peace of mind in every relationship you have, especially the relationship you have with yourself, which is the best and greatest loving relationship available, even though it isn’t the only amazing relationship you will have. 

A few words…

This isn’t a replacement for therapy if you need it, this isn’t based on anything sciencie, there isn’t any expert or ego maniacal human talking at you telling you how to live your life. This is not 7 steps to a perfect relationship, or anything like that, though your relationships may become perfect in ways you never imagined. 

And most of all this certainly is not someone telling you what a best relationship is for you or for anyone else for that matter. 

Relationship are messy and beautiful, confusing and wonderful, challenging and at their best a continual flowing of love, appreciation, and respect for each others own autonomy and freedom to be an individual.

Well, some may disagree with that last sentence. Maybe you do.


Whatever your view about what a marvellous relationship looks like, there will be something for you to gain from what I am sharing with you. 

You can find out more about what I have to share with you here. 

I’m not for everyone and this may not be for you, but what I can promise you is that what I am sharing is coming from a place of seeing and experiencing too many people suffer because their mind won’t stop telling them things that hurt. 

This will take the hurt away, maybe not 100% of the time, but a lot of it.

And if you are so fortunate to be free of suffering then it will certainly bring you more love, the greatest kind of love that exists. 

But I will save that for you inside the 7 weeks. 

Either way, whatever you choose to do, it’s a magnificent choice, because why should it not be. 


p.s. You might be interested to know, that there’s another bit of writing that…. ( I think this will link to the other playful text. )

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