The Truth Is Simple “You Know”…

Your Attention Is The Greatest Asset You Have.

Everyone wants your attention.

It’s the commodity of our time.

Perhaps you will understand that what I am saying is true.

Giving you your freedom matters.

And the only person who can give you freedom is yourself.

I’m only one guide amongst many.

Use your own knowing to know and experience what I am sharing.

It’s either great value for you or it’s not.

I know that it is, but you have to be your own guru. 

That’s what I have for you here.

You know and that’s it.

Greater freedom lives within you and it can be terrifying and confusing to acknowledge.

Don’t wait for it. 

Choose and own this journey and quest now.

No more waiting, no more lies, no more selling your attention to abuse.

You are the guru of your life, the expert on yourself.

Today is the time and now is the only moment you have.