Can You Really Get Everything You Want In A World That Doesn’t Want You To?

They question it…

They question the idea that you can have everything you want in the world.

They are skeptical, and they should be, because who makes an offer like this that isn’t either lying or being insincere?

I do.

And how can I do that?

You are either one of two people…

You are the person that believes a life going after what you want, having fun doing it, even if there are frustrations involved, is a life infinitely more interesting and worth living than the person who is dull to the world and has settled for what others say they can have.

Which reality do you choose to live?

You better have said the life of excitement and creation, otherwise I’d have to wonder while you are here with me now.

But let’s dig into this a bit more, the idea of wanting is a fabulous human drive, because we want and then we want more and thus we are in a world of contiual curiostiy and new experiences.

Life never has a moment to be dull and uninteresting.

On the flip side, some people only seem to live a life of dull and uninteresting experiences.

Not you…

You get what you want and then when you want something more, you go after the experience too.

And if you don’t want anything at some point than that’s beautiful too, because even that is a want worth wanting!

Life is a game to be played and enjoyed, but some of us play a lot more than others.

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