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“Everything is changing and nothing is different”…

Well, you look a little older to me. That’s different isn’t it.

“The paradox of existence, a whisper of transformation”…

Why are you always speaking in riddles and piddles. You’re impossible…

“Impossibility, yes, I am possibility. It’s built into the word itself. You are an impossibility! And yet, here you are. Explain yourself or they will do it for you…” 

They… Who are they? 

“The experts, the authors, your teachers, parents, friends… The voices in your head that aren’t you… The Theys, in there, always haunting you, whispering into your ears, ‘this is the way.”

That’s stupid, and impossible. I do what I want to do…

“If it were only so, you’d already be free, but we’re still here discussing possibility.” 

No, you are discussing possibility, I am discussing your stupidity. 

“Not not, who’s there?”

I’m not answering you. 

“Not not, who’s there?”

“Not not, who’s there?”

Who? Who’s there, who’s there, who’s there?

“It’s a good question. And no one can answer that question for you but yourself…” 

Damn it… 

“Shhh… Listen… Do you hear that?” 

You’re impossible… 

“We are, aren’t we.” 

I don’t know what we are. 

“Guess what?”

No thank you…

“I don’t know either, nor do they, the magical equation, is and can only ever be, for you, your way. Freaky isn’t it. Seven billion souls, and only one will ever traverse the terrain of this existence as you. It’s a one person ride. It always has been, always will be, your way is the only way. It’s built into the birth and it’s beautiful.”

It kind of hurts… 

“I know.” 
… … …

The magical equation“…

The formula for the well lived life…

The Magical Equation…

Oh what a terror it is, that sweet ephemeral mystery that echoes in the distance.

“Follow me, my way, this way, I will show you how…” 

And then…

Years pass…

And in silence you sit, whispering to yourself, “They promised me this was the way.”

“Why would they lie to me?” 

“Why wouldn’t they tell me the truth?” 

“I had one simple question, one simple request and they couldn’t answer it honestly, ‘How should I live my life?‘ ” 

“All those years, the whispers, I listened…”

The whispers, hollow nightmares, ghosts preying upon the heart, the seed of conformity planting itself inside the soul, ‘this way, our way is the only way, we promise you’.

Do this first, then get this taken care of, then after that you will want to, next, you need to prepare for, and then when you are finally done, you can…

Live your life…


I don’t know about you, but since you are here with me, I am going to assume that waiting to live your life because you first have to do all the things that you were told you were supposed to do, is unacceptable.

Also,it is completely unacceptable to say these words, “I have lived a good life…” 

You see in that is a death sentence as well.

If you are reading these words, you are not finished living. 


In the next few days, I will share a few words on the truth, on sincerity, on knowing that, “Your Way Is The Way”. 

For some, the words may be harsh and difficult to acknowledge, for you, it will inspire.

You are pure possibility and no one, not even you know what you are capable of…

At least, not yet.   

~ Emeric Damian
For the love of beauty, for love and beauty

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