Forgetting One Way Of Being To Embrace Another : Taking on The Perfection Of Speed, Completion, and Good Is Great.

You could look a this as the triple threat or better yet, a convergence of ideas that birth a kind of superpower in the individual.

This can be thought of as a protective mechanism that is being applied to a way of doing life.

In this doing you are taking on a way of being.

Is it useful for you?

Is it a hindrance?

On your quest to know yourself, to see and experience what works best for you, as a way of applying and perhaps letting loose your superpower, your incredible ability to bypass the critic, the sound of doubt, and the inner voice that doesn’t belong to you, even though it pretends it does, you will be gifted the power of speed, completion, and ‘good’ is great.

The faster you can move in life with regards to those things where moving fast makes sense and even in cases where it would not seem to, you have tapped into a new potential.

It takes practice to be the creature who lives in that regard.

Then again, you may take right to it.

I hope you do, because I know it will serve you if you allow it to.

It has the ability to remove the force of procrastination and non-doing, when everything in you wants you to do, and then you find yourself going for walks instead.

Walks are wonderful, but not when you’ve gone for your thirty third walk to the cafe while carrying the weight of knowing you are not doing what you wish to do, and thus, you seem to be doing what you wish to do, even though that is not what you wanted.

Perhaps the system of all systems is desire and wanting…

Perhaps wanting and desiring are not enough.

There’s only one way to find out and that is to find out.

So find out for yourself and see what comes.