Living In The Choice of Now To Get To What’s Next…

There are times in life where you want to transform yourself.

There are moments when enough of being one way is enough of being that being.

There are choices living before you, waiting for you to take to them, to court them, to ask for their power to be transmuted into your being.

Now, now, now…

Wait a minute?

And that is the cycle that you’ve been partaking in for a long enough time to know that it will no longer wait, as waiting is a disease of its own kind.


Yes or no…

Never a moment to express a sentiment true…

The now is standing, waiting for you.

There’s a philophy of existence, a way of taking on a beingness of the nowness, not a now as in now is all there ever is.

Which is a platitude to deflect the truth of the now.

No, this is a question of living in the question of choosing to take care of this now, so to move on to what’s next.

The cause of now, is the cause of then, and what then often is an unknown, but it only comes when there is a cause.

What a curious way to unravel what’s so, by choosing to unknow so to know.

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