Travel lightly upon the sky

She withdrew.

I entered what was broken in two.

Smooth and wavy a confused grass and clay.

My steps are saturated by the fragrance of wild flowers, a temptation toward their domestic companions.

This garden is more chaotic than tamed.

Still, a design exists…

Moving from the entrance and into the heart of paradise, an eclectic combination of knowledge comes together to form the whole, the integrated crumb of soil intertwined with the two feet that are upon it, intertwined with the roots, stems, flowers, and fruits, intertwined with the air, the clouds, water, and the Sun.

All of this running through me and through you.

Its all too much.

How can I not be satisfied by these rivers of growth.

Seeds becoming plants.

Plants becoming my bones.

Growth becoming me.

There are so many ways to enter the garden.

The stars are in the garden, so why cant I be.