Does the Internet suffer from daddy issues?

Are you a private person or public person?

Maybe you are a mix of both. But I prefer to share privately.

Here’s why, I am unsure about the internet. I think the majority of the internet has massive Daddy Issues.

Have you noticed that, every other video, every other post, is someone telling you what time to wake up, what time to go to bed, what you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat.

There’s voices telling you how to think, what’s right and what’s wrong with you.

It’s a continual cacophony of people demanding that you are living your life wrong and that they have the 7 steps you need to follow so that you too can suffer like they do.

They are selling suffering without realizing it.

What the internet has become is a puddle of group think, a bunch of copies of the same thing, shoved into your brain from a million different directions. Anyways…

I love people.

I adore sharing. I am intimate with others.

But the internet isn’t an other.

It is a glob, blob, a blackhole of possibility being destroyed by crap. So, I prefer to share myself with those who come into my world, who share one common value, kindness.

By the way, kindness leaves plenty of room for being a punk, a trouble maker, a risk taker with plenty of attitude. In fact it requires it.

If you want to know more about me, you will have to join my email list.

You will enjoy it.

You will have your attitude cracked open for the better, your perspective shifted in ways that will free you.

You will begin to ask questions you may have never thought needed to be asked. I question everything and then I share these experiences, the knowing, the mysteries that keep calling but don’t reveal their answers so quickly.

The words, recordings, the knowledge…

And in this way I awaken people into truly experiencing the beautiful mystery of existence. In this way I give you back time, time in your life to use as you wish. How…

Your attention is the greatest asset you have. And I want to make sure you own and control it. It is your path to everything.


Freedom in many different ways matters to me, and it’s what I do for others. I have conversations; I am guide and an instigator of ideas.

We must ask questions, particularly about the nature of reality, which includes everything and nothing.

Dreams of all kinds…

It’s been a life long fascination for me, exploring dreams and visions, and creating the future as we desire. It’s wonderful and bizarre to realize that we literally can imagine something in our minds and then express it externally.

Lifelong learning makes my life more interesting, creating everyday matters to me as does sharing.

Absurdity, the ridiculous laughter at life is adored in my world.

I write and speak to touch the ephemeral nature of existence.

A Sky Prayer by Walking Cloud ~

Like the Sky, I let it pass.
It is not who I am. It is not up to me
As the Sky, I see it all,

Yet where am I,
Am I at all.
Point to me,

Show me to myself,
I am neither here nor there,
Yet I am.

~ And my name is also Walking Cloud.

To being wiggly upon the fabric of reality,
Emeric Damian

You Are Supposed To Suffer! [email #112]

You are supposed to suffer!

Isn’t that the greatest thing you’ve ever heard?

Absolutely it is and let me share with you why.

Not why you suffer as that’s a longer conversation but…

That you are supposed to suffer, and why it’s the greatest thing you’ve heard, ever.

“Ah, more crazy talk from Emeric.”

But honestly, you are supposed to suffer

…it’s built into your brain and into your life.

And recognizing this has the potential to be the most freeing message you might ever receive.

…if you realize you are created to suffer, and I don’t mean in, “The Gods are punishing you kind of way”.

I mean that, by being born you are going to suffer.

It’s part of being a human.

You see you’ve been arguing with and fighting against suffering for your entire life.

You may have been thinking something is wrong with you.

That you are defunct and broken.

You are not broken

But what is even more beautiful and twisted is that by trying to escape your suffering you actually cause yourself more suffering.

Wrap your head around that statement.

Because we are playing with an explosive truth right now.

This is not something to just read and get a good laugh out of.

Even though it is absurd as truth often is.


How much suffering have you caused yourself by trying to escape your own suffering?

That’s some hardcore circularity in that question.

Welcome to the maze of your own creation, the mad house, the circus of suffering.

Take a look in the mirror because you have been the ringleader this entire time.


That personality, the ringleader, is not who you are, but you might not realize that just yet.

Soon you will.

We will talk more about this nefarious character that speaks in your voice, convincing you that it is you, and you that you are it.

It’s all in this months Guardian and the Guru.

You are the guru,

Emeric Damian

Nothing Much, Is Much More Than Nothing At All.

Nothing at all…

Nothing at all has changed to truly state the unstateable.

The confusion we believe to be our lives, is nothing more than life unfolding in a nothingness mess of messiness; all is well.

Nothing to do, nothing to be, nothing to call you nor me, and certainly not a we.

But a wee bit about nothing much, has always told us something such.

For example, in 1647, a fabulous year for something, I am certain, the same suchness that plays out today, was such a thing as yesterday.

You do remember, don’t you, the time when you were told about that day when nothing much happened in 1647, during the month of May.

Nothing coming to mind

Well nothing too much for you, nor for me, and certainly not for we.

What of them, whom I don’t know, you know those people who were doing nothing much other than what humans do, in a year much like twenty twenty two?

Eating, sleeping, dreaming, believing in such and such as we do, beings being beings just as in 2022…

Now 1647 is as random as 1711 or 322 or -464, which is certainly a year we all adore.

Surely you remember -464, the year of more is less and less is more. It was written somewhere, I am sure of it.

It doesn’t matter.

I was going on about nothing anyways.

There is alway nothing, as nothing appears to be something and something is certainly nothing more than something that was before.

It is in this way that nothing matters more and more.

Nothing is always becoming something.

And that is the beauty of nothing.


He said,

“I just don’t know and I am clear that I don’t know, and that is a world of difference from being confused.

I am not confused, I just don’t know”.

There have been a thousand and one times that I have known what I am doing, who I am being, and what I am up to.

And there have been a million more times when I’ve had no clue and it’s uncomfortable.

Isn’t that lovely.

But what I have noticed is that most people numb out their inner wisdom, so as not to hear any of the internal muck that is going on within.

But the thing is, the noise is still there.

It’s just covered with so much more noise and distraction that it never comes to surface, or rarely does but it is still acting upon them, creating an anxiousness.

It’s uncomfortable to say, “I don’t know what in the world I am doing”.

People want certainty in life.

People love wearing their uniforms and vocations.

We love to say, “I am a professor, entrepreneur, writer, artist, student, coach, scientist, explorer, traveler, PhD, real estate developer, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband to, wife of… I am something goddamit!”

People want to be able to call you a name, label you, and we want that same thing for ourselves and others as well.

It’s quite human.

And that aspect of our human-ness is often difficult to deal with, ‘not knowing’.

That is why we tell lies to ourselves.

Said in a more pleasurable way, “we are playing a gargantuan game of make believe, but we often don’t realize it, so we must make everything seem sensible, by making up stories, to make what we are doing appear to be reasonable and sane.

It’s not that we are lying to ourselves, but it is.

In fact, we are always creating reasons for the reasons that we are doing whatever it is we may be doing.

It’s terribly difficult just to do what you do without there ‘needing’ to be a reason or explanation.

It’s like you can’t go for a stroll just because.

No, it has to be “I am going for a stroll because I need to relax and let go, to take a break from blah blah blah”.

It’s as if everything has to be justified, otherwise, you feel guilty about it, like you are wasting time..

When was the last time you did something just for Shits and Giggles?


Try it on and see what happens.

Do things for a while without them having to be a means to an end to something else.

It’s incredibly freeing.

But watch out because you might start dropping your incessant need to justify everything you do, even to yourself.

Stay weird,

Professor Emeric Damian Thorpe,


You are a badass. You have made choices. You will make more choices. Your choosing is your freedom.

I believe in you and I am certain you can, if you choose to. It’s beautiful to be, to be you, to be you as you are or as you wish to be.

Loving you,