Momentum Is Magic…

Today’s story is a tale of momentum, a tale of floating with the wind, a tale of letting go and entering the stream.

It’s a short story, with few characters, few words, and a simple plot.

The character, you.

The plot, distraction steals your mind from your future.

The outcome, you choose.

And in all of the wonder we find ourselves maneuvering in a million different ways, playing upon a landscape of distractions, of stretched thin desires, and in all of it, the flattening of our movement.

And in this we discover what we already know, momentum is the magic that creates miracles.

Keep Your Momentum Around The One Thing You Know Will Change Everything!

Find a person in your life that refuses to allow you to lose your momentum and watch the magic and miracles come about.

It’s up to you to find that person.

Unconventional and Bold It’s Your Life